Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yippee skippee, I'm heading to Trump tonight after work... haven't been there for a handful of days. I'm feeling withdrawl symptoms. I don't have any of my bankroll in the online poker sites right now, so the only poker I've been feeling this month is of the brick and mortar kind. There's a game over at Scott's tonight as well (of Diamond game fame), but I get off work too late to get in on either of the tournaments they run. So, Trump it is...

Work has been insanely busy, and somehow, over the course of this past week, I've managed to get myself appointed to the position of Secretary of our college faculty Senate, get asked to join a tenure committee for a new faculty member, get on a search committee for a new hire, and get asked to join an advisory board for a yearly conference that I've attended for the past two summers. WTF?? Let's just pretend I don't already belong to a couple committees (one of which I Chair), or teach, or do faculty tech support. Holy crap. How do I get into all this crazy shit?? (None of it pays any extra, btw).

Ahh well. It's good experience. And it looks good on the ol' curriculum vitae, right?

Anyhooooo thank jeebus for some time at Trump tonight. I honestly cannot wait. Too much work makes Shelly a dull girl.


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