Saturday, June 18, 2005

There is a genius amongst us. Seriously. Check out Human Head's cranium, then read the report below.

Slashdot | Bigger Brains Make Smarter People Study Says: "'People with bigger brains are smarter according to a Virginia Commonwealth University industrial and organizational psychologist, Michael A. McDaniel, Ph.D. McDaniel, who is a professor in management at VCU's School of Business. He reviewed 26 previous studies comparing brain size and intelligence and found that brain volume has a strong correlation to intelligence. According to McDaniel, 'for all age and sex groups, it is now very clear that brain volume and intelligence are related.' So, how big of a hat do you wear?'"


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hi Shelly,

    This is my first time here so I look forward to reading your blog. I am curious where you picked up the term "hella?" Is that something they say in Chicago? I am from Northern California and apparently the term was started here (in the SF bay area). I have been saying it since my early teens but figured that it started in SoCal, as most things do on the West Coast. It wasn't until I went to college way up North here in Humboldt County where half of the student population comes up from SoCal, that I learned it was a NorCal thing. Many of the newer kids were always asking, "What is this Hella saying?"

    Take care,

    Isaac in NorCal
    Shelly said...
    Hi Isaac - Thanks for checking out the blog! I actually picked up "hella" from a No Doubt song, "Hella Good." I've been saying it ever since - though most people around here look at me funny. I should visit SoCal so I can sound cool LOL! :)
    Human Head said...
    NICE! Now that everyone knows of my genius, the money should start rolling in any second!

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