Sunday, June 26, 2005

It cost me my tournament entry this time (well, the hand after this did), but may I always have such freerolling donkeys in games with me - please! I'll be a millionaire!

I don't usually engage donkeys in conversation, but Shellmuth is brewing just under the surface today...

A hand and ensuing conversation in today' s $20 MTT on FTP. 140 or so entrants, 4 or 5 hands in:

Dealer: Hand #140973839
Dealer: kev19 posts the small blind of 15
Dealer: NEWMAN79 posts the big blind of 30
Dealer: You have been dealt [Ks Kc]
Dealer: phlyersphan raises to 120
Dealer: Always Chase calls 120
Dealer: cuzinit calls 120
Dealer: maytag54 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: maytag54 calls 120
Dealer: Scotty35 folds
Dealer: geins16 folds
Dealer: madjoel folds
Dealer: kev19 folds
Dealer: NEWMAN79 calls 90
Dealer: The flop is [7s 3c 6s]
Dealer: NEWMAN79 checks
Dealer: phlyersphan bets 615
Dealer: Always Chase folds
Dealer: cuzinit folds
Dealer: maytag54 raises to 1,230
Dealer: NEWMAN79 folds
Dealer: phlyersphan raises to 1,665, and is all in
Dealer: maytag54 calls 75, and is all in
Dealer: phlyersphan shows [Ks Kc]
Dealer: maytag54 shows [7h 7d]
Dealer: Uncalled bet of 360 returned to
Dealer: The turn is [Tc]
Dealer: The river is [5h]
Dealer: phlyersphan shows a pair of Kings
Dealer: maytag54 shows three of a kind, Sevens
Dealer: maytag54 wins the pot (3,225) with three
of a kind, Sevens

phlyersphan: nice call preflop

madjoel: what you think he should have folded 7s

phlyersphan: for a 4xbb raise? it was a
questionable call, yes

Scotty35: lol...

madjoel: lol are you serious

NEWMAN79: bull$hit

phlyersphan: oh i forgot, this is the WPT crowd

madjoel: 120 i almost called with 5-a

phlyersphan: ROFL

phlyersphan: i believe that

madjoel: you must be new on here if you expect
someone to fold 7s for 120

phlyersphan: any ace, face, or soooooted

Scotty35: a5 is completely wrong... but 77 for 4x's
BB this early is cledarly not wrong.

phlyersphan: not new here at all - i just know how
to play relative to the stack and blind sizes, which
you apparently ignore

madjoel: lol ok buddy


  1. Armando said...
    Hey Shell you know I'm on your side when it comes to poker, but I don't think this was a bad call by maytag. He was over 3:1 on his money at the point he called your 120. If no one raises anymore he has good return if he could hit a set on the flop which is what happened. If someone raised more or he didn't hit that set...well he could just walk away from it. Worth a try I think. I would have put the breaks on when my bet of 615 was doubled by maytag. Smelled like trips to me. Middle position, just calling the 120 with 3 people in. Just an outside view
    Bill said...
    Think about the implied odds.

    He bets the 120 and sees the flop. As long as he is willing to lay down anything other than hitting his set or possibly a miracle OESD I don't have a problem with this play.

    Not only did he flop a set, he flopped top set.

    If I thought I could get your whole stack 1 out of every 8 times I play a pocket pair for 3 or 4 xBB preflop, I'd see a whole bunch of flops. I play like this in tournaments.

    If it makes you feel any better my AA got cracked by pocket 8's in the exact scenario on Saturday, es for my whole stack. Damn AA.

    go to this post from Double A's:
    and read the last line.
    Unknown said...
    He did have odds to call, unfortunately for you the set did hit :(
    Unknown said...
    He did have odds to call, unfortunately for you the set did hit :(
    Shelly said...
    OK... a day later, I'm of the opinion that I was probably overreacting yesterday. Even worse, I'd have probably at least considered making the same call with a flop-it-or-drop-it mentality.

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Honestly, I shouldn't have even been playing yesterday. I was in a crappy mood and didn't care what happened - throwing money away. Didn't have quite the self control to walk away, since I had nothing better to do...

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