Thursday, June 23, 2005

Not a whole lot new. First of all, my deepest condolences go out to Spaceman`on the loss of his best friend Charlie. So many people have posted so many touching things that nothing I can say could compare, so I will leave it at that. You're in my thoughts.

I played on Full Tilt Poker for an hour or so last night. I played one $10 SnG and a NL ring game. I bubbled in the SnG, and was up $20 or so on the ring game, for a profit of ten bucks. But, once I got knocked out of the SnG, I was so utterly disappointed in the miserable state of the game - particularly, just how truly awful the play is sometimes, that I had to log off completely. I played well, and picked off the chip leader (who was a habitual bully and bluffer) several times. I knew his game. He was a moron, and the rest of the table was afraid of him. But, I got unlucky on a couple hands, both of which he sucked out 3 or 2 outers on the river to beat me (and subsequently knock me out).

Sometimes I can't help but think: with the exponentially increased number of shitty players in the game now, does that make the "infinite poker game" that much longer? I mean, if you look at poker as one big session that statistically "works" by the math over time, doesn't that time increase as more horrific players enter the pool? And if that is indeed the case, doesn't that make it just about impossible to be a winning player at lower limits? It's hard enough to beat the rake. Add in a large percentage more fish getting lucky to trump your solid play, and it seems impossible to profit.

But that's just the disappointed side of me talking.

I got back on the horse tonight, and - sure enough, same story. Bubbled in a $10 SnG while I'm currently up $20 on my ring game. I felt like playing limit tonight in the cash game though - $.50/1.00 limit hold'em for me this evening. I was going to sulk to bed tonight after bubbling, but decided not to, and plunked myself into a $5 SnG. I know... Even fishier. I miss the $20 SnG's. But, I can't afford them on the $68 I sat down with tonight, and my goal here is to bring my bankroll back to life without reloading.

I would've had a bunch of money from Vegas to reload with, but I spent it on groceries instead. I was *way* outta food.

Ahhh well. So there are my musings for the day. I'm going to log off as soon as I place in the money in this SnG. A positive attitude guarantees success, right?


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