Monday, June 27, 2005

Well, with my bankroll on life support still, I decided to start my day out today with a $5 SnG. I pulled up a $.25/.50 limit ring game along side. This might have been the longest SnG of all times. When we got down to 4 players, it was one of the best matched games I've ever been in online. I was the underdog to start out with, but managed to hold steady and eventually win the thing.

Add that to my $3 profit on the ring game, and I'm back up to $50. Woohoo! Actually, I'm quite happy, as it is still my goal to get my online bankroll back in shape without having to redeposit after sucking all my money out for Vegas. It's been a grind of a process, but I'm pleased so far.

In other news... I'm heading over to Scott's house this evening with Randy for some impromptu poker. I sent out a pleading email to my friends begging anyone to play poker with me! I'm suffering withdrawal from live poker.

I'm working on plans to head out to Trump, possibly next Friday, with Randy and Baz. I have yet to meet Baz, but he's a fellow Chicago suburbanite, so I'm excited. I've also never played at Trump Indiana before.

Any other Chicago-area bloggers out there? I know Mr. Reed is down near Indianapolis, but that's a bit of a hike from here. Anybody is welcome to join us :)

And finally... I ordered a couple decks of Kem cards yesterday, in hopes of using them soon. I'm lucky to get one whole game out of a deck of standard cards. They just get all bent to hell. It'll definitely be worth it to have some nice cards. Plus, I like how the plastic cards feel.

That's all my news! I'm off to go buy paint and painting supplies to paint the room in my house that Randy will be taking over. I've also got in mind to paint the bathroom. We'll see how ambitious I am once I've finished the spare bedroom. I'm also stopping by the Nextel store to hopefully take advantage of the hella cool sale they have on their website on Blackberry phones. I have wanted one of those SO freaking bad - and the new one has Bluetooth. w00t!


  1. jremotigue said...
    Hi Shelly,
    I'm in Chicago (Lakeview). The only other blogger (besides Baz) I know of is Heather She's a Trump regular. I haven't been able to make it to live action in a while. Let me know, and maybe we can set something up.
    Heather said...
    And of course, I shall be there on Friday, like the degenerate gambler that I am. :) Just ask around for me and they'll point me out, though I'm sure you remember what I look like...
    Heather said...
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    Easycure said...
    Plastic cards are SOOOO worth it! I bougth a double pack of GEMCO cards for my monthly tournament and I am still using them 2 months later. I think they'll last a year or more. Seriously. Best poker investment I have ever made besides building my own table.

    Good luck at Trump. Be patient and win!

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