Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm trying out something new tonight; I'm logging off from online poker after tripling my buy-in. Why? Well, I've had this habit lately of playing for too long. I get up a nice little egg, and just stay at the table one orbit too many, and lose it. I tend to do this particularly at the wild tables. I manage to get lucky and hit a monster double up, and instead of taking my loot and running, I hang out until I endure some sick suckout and go broke.

So, tonight I'm leaving a winner. (In fact, I already left a winner. Logged out before I started this post).

It feels pretty good.

I see that Alan has compiled the WPBT IRC chat statistics over at Geek and Proud. Nice!

My apologies for being absent of late. I went back to work this week, and am still enamoured with Ultima Online. What can I say? My eight year anniversary is coming up, and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Too bad none of my friends that used to play still do. But, I've met up with a very cool guild in-game (an ADULT guild, imagine that), and it's been pretty damn fun.

Drizz's comment on my last post still has me wetting myself laughing, though:

MMORPG addiction is bad bad bad!

Much better to blow $500 in 10 seconds at a 2/5 NL table, then waste two weeks obtaining the +6 Stick of the Frog.
I know, I know - I'm being mocked. That's OK.

Randy and I played a little weeknight poker on Thursday at the home of the Diamond games. I was sans notepad, but let's just say Randy won the first game, chopped head-up in the second game, and I went home mighty pissed after he crippled my already short stack with a button hammer bluff. (I wouldn't have been so mad if he didn't regularly criticize how retarded we are for playing the hammer). Ahhh true love...

I think I have to go play some more UO now. It's been a few hours. I'm itching.

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