Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yeah, I'm hella bad azz cool. You know it:

Yay, I win!

That's right. I won! Yay! OK, so it's not a win of Factual proportions, but I haven't won a SnG in a while, so I was pretty stoked. (Huge congrats to Facty, btw, who is simply Krushering the New Year!)

My new SnG strategy:

1. Fold until you're blinded down to push-all-in mode. (5 players should be eliminated by now).
2. Double up.
3. Twice.
4. Play real poker, since by now you're in the money.

And you thought there was all sorts of complicated trickery and math involved... sheesh. Seriously though - there's something to be said for letting all of the Ace-push morons knock each other out without risking a suckout early on. Who wants to play in those big pots when the blinds are so puny?

There's one caveat to my strategy though: you must avoid pushing AA into a set of Kings. I managed to do this during SnG #2 of the evening (which shamefully has no snazzy screenshot as accompaniment).

After my quick exit from SnG #2, I was not quite ready for bed. So, I pulled up a .25/.50 NL 6-max cash table on Stars. I proceeded to fold (a lot) and then played a 3-way all in pot with AA. I was up against KK and AK, and my Aces held up.

With a triple-up tucked firmly in my pocket, I bid my tablemates adeiu and logged out.

I tried to cash out a bit of my winnings to Neteller (per Facty's inspiration to start saving for my Big Tournament Goal of 2006 - play in one of the $1500 WSOP events this summer), but the cash out screen said it can only send funds back to the original deposit source. This reload was done with a credit card, and I don't want the cash out to go there. I want it to go to Neteller instead. Anybody know if this is possible? I emailed PS support, and hopefully I'll wake to an answer.

That's my night in a nutshell. And yes, I finished taking down all of the outside Christmas lights. It was sad. :( I love holiday lights! I think I should find some red or pink lights and jazz up the bushes for Valentine's Day. Whaddya think?

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  1. squalldeane said...
    Hey Shelly love your blogs

    Was surprised at how please you were at winning a $5 SnG?? I thought you had higher standards than that. Well done anyway!

    in more expensive SnGs you cannot wait for muppets to all in themselves to oblivion.
    Unknown said...
    As far as I know, the original deposit amount would go back to the deposit medium.

    For any profit, you should be able to direct it towards wherever you'd like.
    Joe said...
    Hey Shelly, Joe here, owner of checkitdown ( I found your blog through a technorati search and thought I'd check it out.

    In response to your strategy there, folding until it gets to five people... I feel like sometimes that's what I need to do, because every time I raise with a marginal hand I'll either get reraised, or called and then miss the flop completely. A lot of people at those levels never fold!

    Anyway, love the setup of your blog as well. Keep up the good work!

    DrChako said...
    Strong work on the win.

    Hey - was that you sitting to my right in the $10 + 1 LHE tourney last night?


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