Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm thinking that this weekend needs a trip to Trump. Yup. That's what it needs. I don't think it will be Friday, though, as I have to go in to work early, and have meetings all day, and by the time I'm done I anticipate that I will be pulling my hair out and in no condition to play poker. We'll see.

I finally piddled away the last of my money on PokerStars, playing SnG's. So much for that fifty bucks! Though it did last me a good couple months... I need to do something about my online game. Regroup somehow. The "somehow" part is what's elluding me. I have a little money over on Full Tilt but I don't want to touch it until I figure out how not to lose it.

Seriously - I had a nice 4 month stretch or so where I was making money hand over fist online (on FTP). Before that, zilch. $50 rebuys, one after another. After that run? Zilch (though after that June rush, I've played very little online and instead have played more at Trump). Is it that buying in for the minimum $50 isn't enough to get started? I seem to build it up to $100 or 150 and then, poof. A couple bad days and it's gone.

I guess it's hard to follow the 5% of your bankroll max buy in rule when you only start with $50.
Ahh well. I'm not all that concerned. Honestly I like playing live better, but I can't deny the wonderful convenience of playing online (and the awful inconvenience of living an hour away from the poker room).

If any of you Chicago locals plan to be at Trump this weekend, give me a holla' yo!


  1. Gnome said...
    I think the bankroll rules are important and helpful. I'd try to build the bankroll up and never buy in for more than you should. Good luck!
    Human Head said...
    $50 seems way to low, IMO. Of course, it all depends what level you insist on playing at, but even at .50/1 that's only 50 BB's and you know how swingy the micro games can be.

    My guess is the disconnect between the levels you play at Trump, then trying to go buy in with only $50 and playing those same levels (or close) online, combined with getting a bit impatient for the same reason.

    My suggestion would be to buy in bigger or make yourself have more patience at the super-micro level and build slowly and traditionally.
    jremotigue said...
    I gots two games in the city this weekend. Good luck!
    Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...
    I don't know what level poker you're playing with that $50, but in general that sounds like not much when you're talking about sngs. I say that because, even though you hope to win most of the sngs you enter, the simple math of it dictates that youre not going to win in a lot of the sngs you enter, period. Thus, if you're playing, say, $6 sngs on a $50 stake, that is very likely to disappear after not a long while due to the frequency of your non-cashes. And the larger the sng's youre entering, the more likely you are not to cash in any given one, and the quicker your roll is likely to disappear.

    Just my two cents. Of course you could go out and win the first ten sngs you enter, in which case the $50 was a faboo idea!


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