Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No news is...

No news is... no news!

Not much poker-related going on over here the last few days. I got into a bit of an Ultima Online kick and have been playing that instead. (At least my losses in UO are limited to the $10/month subscription fee!)

I'm soooo overdue for a trip to Trump Indiana, but I've been hobbled up this whole past week with a sore back. If I move too far from my heating pad, it gets ugly. I'm doing a bit better the last couple days - got some drugs. I go back to work tomorrow (Xmas break is over), so maybe next week I'll hit up the poker room. (Work is half way between home and the casino).

In the absense of any real poker related stories, I will leave you back to whatever meaningful task you were doing before you stumbled across this post. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Human Head said...
    Drugs are always nice, but don't forget about chiropractic. I've rarely been helped by an MD, but more often than not a chiropractor has provided relief and/or cure.

    Get better quick-I need more NL cash game stories!
    DrChako said...
    Better yet, try a DO. We can do the manipulation (similar to chiropractic), and if it doesn't work, we can still give you the drugs.

    -DrC (yes, I'm a DO)
    Unknown said...
    MMORPG addiction is bad bad bad!

    Much better to blow $500 in 10 seconds at a 2/5 NL table, then waste two weeks obtaining the +6 Stick of the Frog.

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