Monday, January 16, 2006

So yesterday, I was catching up on my Bloglines, and noticed a title on one of Wil Wheaton's posts that to me was a quote from one of my favorite R.E.M. songs, "Fall on Me." I was going to post a comment, and then thought to myself, "I sure would feel like an ass if that quote is also used in some famous movie or literary work or something, and here I am thinking it's a famous R.E.M. lyric." So I didn't post a comment.

Today, I was back in Bloglines doing some reading. Wil's next couple posts continued with lines from that song. So now I know he's intending to quote R.E.M. Nice! So I posted the comment this afternoon that I'd intended to post yesterday, mentioning that Fall on Me is my favorite song of theirs - that, or "Perfect Circle."

I haven't thought about the song Perfect Circle in ages, which caused me to want to hear it. So I checked my iTunes library, and sure enough, I don't have that song. So I go into the iTunes music store to buy it. I then see that my iPod is missing the entire Murmer album, so....

instead of spending 99 cents for Perfect Circle, I just bought the whole album. It's such a classic, and I so love R.E.M. that I just needed to have it. Incidentally, I found my Murmer CD, but it is too scratched to play. Thank goodness for digital music! I'm so horrible at properly caring for my CD's.

That's how I ended up spending ten bucks on iTunes this afternoon. Wil made me do it!

(Thanks, Wil!)

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