Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do we know the December WPBT Vegas tourney dates yet? Someone was talking about booking their flight, and checking flight prices doesn't sound like a bad idea, while I happen to have a little money this summer. Thanks!


  1. on_thg said...
    Falstaff mentioned booking December 6-10... unless someone else steps forward, I'm guessing that'll be the weekend.

    That's all I've heard, though.
    John G. Hartness said...
    I am officially announcing my willingness to organize, and my presence in Vegas 12/6 - 12/10. If no great voices of dissent appear in the next 15 minutes, that's when we'll party.

    wait for it.

    wait for it.

    Nope, no voices of dissent - December 6-10 it is!
    Wolverine Fan said...
    Shelly, I have been reading you for at least a year or more and always enjoy your experiences.

    I wanted to invite you and anyone else you can round up to play against the Brits on Sunday in a bloggerment tourney on Poker Stars. It is at 4PM EDT (3PM CDT) which is sometimes difficult for us in the States but I really want to take down this tourney against the Brits. My blog has details on it.

    I won't get in the habit of doing this as it is quite impolite for me to hijack your blog for my purposes.

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