Saturday, July 07, 2007

I finally do

I'm here to say that I finally do.

I finally take advantage of position.

I know, I know - the poker books of the gods harp on position like it's the holy grail. I've been play poker for, oh, maybe 3 years now. Finally, I hear myself saying in my head:

Well, hell, if they're not going to bet it, I will.

And I bet. I represent hands that look not even marginally like what I'm actually holding. And I get the chips.

It's rather "kid in a candy store" -ish.

And quite lovely.

Now, I must finish this SnG on Full Tilt (I'm 2nd in chips with 4 people left - single table so 3 places pay) then finish laundry so I can pack for vacation.

I'll be in Raleigh, NC for the next week (after a quick romp around the room with DMB tomorrow night in the Chicago burbs). Catch ya's on the flipside :)

/edit: I won :)


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