Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dipped my toes into the pools of the 50+5 single table SnG's on Full Tilt today. Played 3 games. Busted out 9th in the first one, when my AA lost to a 4-card flush. I figured - bad beat, so - let's try again! Went out 5th in the second game, after being rather card dead. I got under 10BB and had to push any ace or face. Still not feeling outplayed, however, I tried a third time and won it.


Play is much more conservative in the 30 and 50 games, with maybe a 1:9 or 2:9 donkey:good player ratio (as opposed to the 5:9 or 6:9 or worse ratio you find at the lower games).

Feeling good. I'm on a nice little SnG streak, which is odd, considering that limit hold'em is what I consider to be my "natural" game.

Tonight is the NLHE re-buy tourney at my friend Jim's house. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Animal Welfare League, with the rest going to the prize pool. I hear there will be some new blood at the game. Looking forward to it!


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