Sunday, July 15, 2007

Aside from poker, I've spent the last 2 weeks fawning over my new toy - a Canon Digital Rebel XTi digital SLR camera and a nifty 70-300mm telephoto lens to go with it.

I finally got around to putting a blog together to chronicle my journey from photo n00b to photographer (if I may end up so lucky!) - photoN00b - (spelled with two zeros).

I'd love feedback from any of you more photographically experienced than I :) Just be gentle - I'm new!!!!!



  1. SirFWALGMan said...
    very nice. Like the rocks the best.
    DuggleBogey said...
    If you're looking for software for organizing and correcting photos, I highly recommend Google's Picasa. You can really do some great improvements or digital effects to your photos with it, it's a good photo organizer and best of all, it's FREE!
    Shelly said...
    Thanks Waffles! I haven't yet gotten any shots of a platypus yet, though.

    Duggle - I will check out Picasa. I tried it ages ago but I didn't realize you could edit photos with it too. Will definitely download. Right now I'm using the trial of Adobe Lightroom. I have Photoshop but it's way overkill most of the time. Thanks for the tip!

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