Saturday, October 27, 2007

There's one thing that us rock-tight poker players tend to have in common: patience. The patience of a saint, even. While folding your way into the money isn't generally good advice, it can work when you're card dead but able to pick your spots.

I took 2nd place tonight in a cheap SnG donkfest on Full Tilt in a game where I should have bust early on. But, I resisted the urge to make the frustrated card-dead push(es), and limped my way into the money. I was able to all-in my small stack several times to pick up some blinds, and had enough to sit through while the two big stacks duked it out. Inevitably, one pushed his gutshot straight draw and never caught, and I ended up in 2nd place.

Stay cool out there. Sometimes you can fold your way into the money! Sometimes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm sitting in LAX waiting for my connecting flight to Seattle to embark upon the second leg of this week+ long trip - the business leg. I flew into here from Las Vegas after completing the pleasure leg of the trip. There will be a little bit of pleasure in Seattle; I plan to visit Viretta Park, next to the house where Kurt Cobain once lived, amongst other tourist-y things. Mostly, though, I'll be attending a conference on technology in higher education.

Vegas was fun. I was not with "poker company," so the focus of the trip was different than most, but it was still enjoyable. The girls I went with were primarily into clubbing and staying out all night. Of our 4 nights, I went clubbing 2 nights and remained sober the other two (recovery phases in between all of the clubbing). We did a VIP thing at the Palms and went to Ghost Bar, the Playboy club, and Rain. I really like the Palms. Night 2, the girls went to Pure and I spent the evening no further than 50 feet from the toilet. Night 3 was my birthday, and we went to see the Chippendales show (delicious red mohawk acrobat man), and then to Body English at Hard Rock. Last night, I have no idea where the girls went, but I took a walk down the Strip to Bellagio with my camera and got some night shots. (We stayed at Excalibur).

There was a little bit of time for poker (on the 2 days that I avoided partying to dry out my liver a bit). I got about 3 hours in at Excalibur and 3 at MGM. I didn't see the dealer-love-of-my-life at MGM, unfortunately (the rrrrrrrrrrraise guy that calls chips "bones"). I also didn't win anything. I was -$20 net for the trip, winning $30 at Excalibur and losing -$50 at MGM. I was playing 2/4 limit due to an extremely tight budget for this trip.

No poker birthday love for me.

My new Sprint Mobile Broadband thing has been quite useful on this trip. It worked in Vegas, though my connection was a bit slow, and it is working full speed here at LAX (saving me from having to pay to use the t-mobile hot spot here). I'm definitely impressed with this service so far.

That's about all my news. I'm looking forward to a full night of sleep, uninterrupted by drunken girls stumbling in at sunrise.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The date and buy in details have changed for the charity poker tourney to benefit my friend Becky. Plainfield Poker is hosting a rebuy tourney to help Becky and her husband get by as Becky recovers from injuries sustained in a horrific car crash in September.

The tournament will be in the Plainfield, IL area on Saturday, November 10, 2007 at 7pm.

$60 inital buy-in , Unlimited first 4 levels $30 re-buy tourney. 3000 in starting chips, Blinds start at 25/50 levels are 20 mins long. $20 add-on at the first break. Re-buys get you 3000 chips, add-on at the break gets you 5000 more.

60% to the prize pool, 40% to benefit Becky and her husband.

Food, beverages, and beer all included in initial buy-in!

There will be a 60 seat maximum. First 60 players get a seat with a 10 player alternate list.

For more information or to RSVP, contact Plainfield Poker at

Monday, October 15, 2007

Does anybody have an email address or web link to report abuse to Gmail (Google)?

Their help documents on the subject are an endless circle of FAQ's that never appear to lead to the "form" that they want you to fill out. I can't find the form. Nor can I find an abuse related email address to write to.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

My favorite way to end a yawner of a SnG is by going out muttering, "Nice call, jackass," in the most sarcastic of under-my-breath tones.

Now it's bed time!

Ever had one of those yawner sit n go's? You know, the kind where you're fold fold folding because your cards suck THAT bad, but nobody else is doing anything? Everybody still has a decent stack half an hour in... nobody has been knocked out... no chips are moving.


And I just limped with AK suited. Definitely a sign that it is time for bed.