Friday, April 18, 2008

Catching up on some High Stakes Poker re-runs on the TiVo. (Yes, catching up on re-runs - I've already seen these episodes, but there's always something I missed the first time). I love HSP. Favorite show. I almost just typed I <3 Gabe Caplan but that makes me feel... weird. So scratch that.

I prefer the episodes with the "old" pro's. Except Jamie Gold. He can stay. I thought he was a total tool in the WSOP but I've grown to like him through his subsequent media splashation all over the place. This episode has Negreanu, Gold, Elezra, Harman (love her!), Hellmuth, Safai, Farha...

First all-in on my SnG. 3 hands in. Wooo! I think I like this after-school crowd (though it seems a little too early for the kiddies to be home from school). (Clarification: it was not me who was all-in).

I'm trying to think of a way to put the extra 19" LCD monitor that I have in my loft somehow so I can use it with my laptop (such as now, when watching poker and playing online). It would need to be on some sort of movable cart, so I could roll it in front of my couch/chaise while lounging, then moved out of the way when not in use. And it would need to be non-hideous looking. Currently, I use one of those as-seen-on-tv Table Mate tv-trays for my laptop. (Yeah, it's hideous, but works quite well). Any ideas? Suggestions welcome.

Something just happened that I'm not sure has really ever happened before. I did something totally out of character, on a gut feeling that I didn't even consciously know I had (ie. I wasn't actively thinking about it), and the move was the right one. (Well, "right" is a subjective term, but it worked). I don't even have an explanation. At first, I was being cautious, and on the river, I just knew this guy was full of crap.

5 people left in this SnG, and I'm the chip leader. I have played 3 hands, and we're only a couple rounds in.

It's a beautiful day out, so I have the windows open and I'm working on my poker commitment issues. I've got a regular turbo SnG up, AND one of those knockout 90 player SnG's. The latter just started. The big(ger) LCD monitor would be so nice right about now. (I've got the first MacBook Pro's that ever came out with the Intel chips - with the smaller 15" monitor. Boo on the monitor. Thumbs up otherwise - love my MBP!)

LOL Sammy Farha just called Hellmuth "Philly Willy." Nice!

So, let's say you're on the turn with 1 card to come. There's a 4 card gutshot straight on the board. You've got a gutshot to a straight flush. Do you call off a third of your stack to draw at it for one card?

[time to think]

I folded.

ARG the guy on my right is picking off my blinds EVERY TIME!!! I mean, the only defense is to have a good hand against the guy, and that's beyond my control.

I ate too much Chex Mix with lunch. Mmmm cheddar.

Noooo playable hands, growl!

I'm in push or fold mode but can't even find a face card in this mess! Oy I pushed K9 vs 33 and lost. Haha not out yet - doubled up twice LOL. I have 1/3xBB.

Woo again! 65o all in with my 1BB. DOUBLE UP! lmao poker rules :) LOL damn, went out AJs vs AA.

Still in the 90 player.

Sweet! I just got my first knockout bounty! *slips $4 back in my pocket*

Anybody out there doing any sort of entrepreneurial stuff? (Wow - auto-spellcheck didn't yell at me! I can't believe I spelled that right!) I've had a small web dev business on the side for 5 years or so now, but I'm thinking of moving into photography a bit. I'm not looking to quit my day job, but of course, since my day job is teaching, I could use some basic income supplementation! I still do web sites, but I guess my passions are sort of shifting and I'd like to explore "my new thing."

My question is - or, what I'm pondering, anyway, is - to what length do you invest money into a hobby to try and turn it profitable? I'm investing money into photography anyway (equipment and whatnot, for the sheer joy of it). I'm a bit strapped for cash lately, so spending more money to try and make money seems risky, but potentially beneficial.

That's what's on my mind today.

w00t, another bounty!

"This is a jam-up game." - Phil Hellmuth

I gotta remember that one!

Apparently, there was an earthquake in southern Illinois this morning. My sis-in-law felt it. Police reports from suburbs maybe 15 or 20 miles south of me felt it, but as far north as I am didn't. It was at like 4:30am. I was quite asleep. Earthquakes aren't something I generally worry about here in Chicagoland. Tornadoes? Yeah. Earthquakes? Dude. I'm in the middle of the country. Earthquakes only happen in California, right?

Damn it. The Pedigree dog food commercial just made me cry.

On break in the 90 player knockout. I'm 31/36 in chips. Not so good, but still alive at least. 9 places pay.

Went out 3rd in the other SnG.

I'm craving Pizza Hut.

Out of the knockout. At least I got a 33% discount :)

I think I will finish my current SnG and then grab some lunch.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

LMAO @ Gus Hansen on Poker After Dark! 5 ladies and Gus! I missed the first couple episodes of this story, but since nobody was knocked out yet, it appears I didn't miss anything.

Did I ever tell ya how Gus Hansen walked past me and brushed my arm at Bellagio once? Srsly. YUM.

I didn't know Gus has a blog! Wow, thanks to Wikipedia (which I searched to make sure I was spelling Gus's last name correctly), I've discovered a web site that Gus started -, complete with nifty Web 2.0 Approved intentional misspelling. Nice!

Wow - the after-school crowd on Full Tilt Poker sure is fishy. 2 people out in this SnG, in round 2. Definitely a contrast to the usual evening crowds I encounter.

Gus has giant dumbo ears, yet he's still hot. How can that be? He gives hope to guys with dumbo ears all over the planet.

Haven't played a hand yet. Lots of face-rags.

Clonie vs. Gus. Now, THAT I'd pay to see! D'oh! Sorry. Got lost in a little reverie. P-O-K-E-R. Riiiiiight.

Has anyone heard Tom Petty's new song with Mudcrutch (his pre-Heartbreakers bandmates) - "Scare Easy"? I'm diggin it. Turns out, it's not a bad listen when playing poker.

I don't scare easy. I don't fall apart when I'm under the gun. You can break my heart, and I ain't gonna run. I don't scare easy for no one.
Yeah baby! I just keep on folding 6-2 offsuit!

Holy cow, down to 4. How did that happen?

I doubled up a couple hands ago with 33, turned a boat vs. KK overpair. w00t!

The all-in's are rampant around here. I swear it's only been like 10 minutes and we're in the money already!

33 again. Raise, vs the guy who doesn't know how to spell Leopard. Cha-ching! Yeah, FEAR the folder!

I fold very well in poker, but not in household chores. I despise laundry.

Wow, out in 3rd. Flopped a set with 55 and lost vs A9 to a rivered 4-card straight. Yikes.

Alright, let's go for two.

"I go with my gut - that's how I play." - Beth Shak.
Hmmm. That strategy seems like it should be the occasional invocation of the poker gods, rather than the standard. Maybe I spend too much time in bed with math.

AA in the big blind. Not a bad way to start. What is it they say? Don't get involved in big pots early, when the blinds are low...


I'm not one to show hand histories, but if you'd like to check this one out, here it is. Hand #1, bet my AA all the way, and joker bluffed all-in on the turn with his AJ0, no pair, no draw. Yay! Now I have enough chips to fold for a while! LOL

WOW. 99, I raised preflop in late position. 2 callers. Flop 855. Checked around. I bet. 1 caller. Turn, 4. The guy bets all-in (huge overbet). Felt weird. I called. He had top pair, 8's. Blank on the river. I gots me some MASSIVE folding chips now!

I love how Gus is flirting with these girls. I bet Clonie would eat him alive, but this Beth girl...backs down to The Gus-ster.

Love the Negreanu hockey commercial. We need more hockey on TV. It has been great fun watching the Chicago Blackhawks' resurgence. They didn't make the playoffs, but for the first time in years (a LOT of years), the city is buzzing with hockey talk. That's why I fell in love with the Flyers when I moved out to Philly - the city was so in love with them. I could see myself falling for the Blackhawks. Back to my roots, in a way... The Flyers, on the other hand - still hold the keys to my heart. Big game tonight. Flyers are up 2-1 in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. A 3-1 lead tonight would be pretty sweet. Ovechkin is fun to watch, but the Washington Capitals can take a walk. My Fly Guys are on a mission!

It's 74 degrees out. Do you have any idea how happy that makes me? It took 178 days to see our first 70 since last year. (It was yesterday). The record is 185 days. Oy!

It's my weekend now, by the way. Awwww, yeah.

Hmmm, FedEx is here. For me?


Damn, just got sucked in by a guy that slow-played his QQ preflop. I hit TPTK on the flop. Boo.

5 left. I'm 3rd in chips, but we're all about the same.

Thursday's Poker After Dark episode up next. I sure do love TiVo!

Someone told me yesterday I should TiVo a show called UFO Hunters. My mom wants me to TiVo Army Wives. I'll try the latter. Not sure about the former. I like aliens and all, but my TV time is at a premium.

Going for it with 33. No callers. I'm around 9xBB.

Gus and the ladies. Too funny. It's still cracking me up!

Tight table now. Lots of walks.

The love must still be there. Every so often, poker gets my heart racing - even online in a little sit n go.

Bubble time. C'mon, let's get rid of this short stack.

Yes! ITM. And... out! I have a habit of going out in 3rd lately. Not bad for having a hand selection resembling the Sahara Desert.

One more round? Hmm. I need a beverage. BRB.

I hear these knockout SnG's are pretty cool. I don't feel like committing to anything lengthy right now. What does it say about me that I won't even commit to anything longer than a 9 player SnG?

I have poker commitment issues.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

HA "All these guys coming off the ice for Washington are gonna be sucking dirty pond water" - that's what the announcer just said as the Capitals came off the ice after a long shift. WTF?! LMAO!!! I love hockey!

I'm camped out in the loft with the HDTV, watching the Philadelphia Flyers take on the Washington Capitals in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (NHL). The weather here is blah and my HD signal has been blah, but I see some sunshine out my window, and for now my signal is pretty good. Hockey in HD on a 57" widescreen is a wonderful thing. Soooo much more gorgeous than broadcast TV. Broadcast TV is at best, tolerable. HDTV? Gorgeous. Slick. Sharp. Beautiful. Maybe even to die for.

Oh, and I'm firing up a SnG on Full Tilt. I like the $22+2 full table turbo NLHE games. My Flyers are up 2-0 in the 2nd period. Let's see if we can make it 1-0, Shelly vs FTP Scoobies.

Pot #1, in the bank. w00t!

So I was messing around last night trying to figure out how to transfer files via Bluetooth from my Blackberry Pearl 8130 to my iMac. I got them to pair, but apparently this Blackberry doesn't have the right services to do file transfer. People have found a way to send files from the iMac to the BB, but not the other way around. I wanted to be able to send pictures from my phone to my computer. Currently, I just email the pictures to myself to transfer them. Oh well. It did give me the option to run the iMac over the BB's data connection. I didn't try it, as I have Sprint Mobile Broadband... but I find myself wishing I hadn't signed that 2 year contract, as I could have probably used my Blackberry instead. Damn impulse buys.

I have a feeling I'm at a table of either a) n00bs or b) morons. Weak weak weak, checking like crazy, but then 4 people call a 10xBB preflop raise. Wha?

How many of you have been to the horse races? I just went for the first time a couple months ago. It was pretty cool. I found myself wishing we could go outside (it was winter time). I'd like to go back in nice weather. I was betting based on the horses' names, hehehe :)

Level 2. 1 guy out.

Damn, had to go back to the broadcast feed. I don't often have trouble with my DirecTV, but these clouds appear to be doing me in. My HD feed is very sensitive to weather. Maybe it's the fact that it's SNOWING today. I will refrain from bitching, but come on, Mother Nature!!!

AK hearts, flopped 2 hearts. c'mon baby! Didn't need help. Betting was plenty. *stuffs chips in my virtual pocket*

Briere almost made this a 3 goal game. Holy moly, I love my Flyers! It's fun to watch Ovechkin... LOSE!!!! hahaha!

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb, because that's where the fruit is." - Doyle Brunson. Yeah, Doyle! I like all his quotes. They amuse me.

Nooooo Umberger better not be hurt!!!! Ummmmmmmmmmmmberger!

Ever wonder where some people get their handles/avatar names? I mean, mine is obvious. The one I saw the other day - "[someone's] mom" - that's obvious. But some, I actually fire up Google to see if they are real words. Nope, the one I just googled isn't a word. So is it an attempt at spelling a curse word semi-phonetically? If so, well - either ewww, or that still doesn't make much sense. Feces Wood? Really?

Flyers are heading into the 2nd intermission with a 2-0 lead. This is similar to Game 1, where the Flyers came out with a 2 goal lead in the 3rd period and broke my heart. Hard to get that out of my head... but today is a new day, and the Flyers have been hoppin' all day. Biron has looked great. NO FEAR!

I just let Feces Wood steal my big blind.

Awwww! Michelin marshmellow puppy!! Great commercial :)

88, no callers. Reminds me of Eric Lindros. *cringe*

They're interviewing Donald Brashear. He was a Flyer for a while and I really liked having him. He looks better in Orange. Good guy, good goon. But I'll hate him just like every other man in red on the ice today. I bleed orange!

Srsly, does everybody have to wait 14 seconds before they act? Longest. Game. Ever. 3 guys out so far.

Damn, out in 5th. My Broadway lost to a J high flush. Ugh.

I suppose it's a good thing. I need my undivided attention available to cheer the Flyers on in the 3rd period.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Believe it or not, I must be on a poker kick! I've got another SnG running as we speak, while waiting for photos that I took today at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to upload to Flickr. We're down to 6 people and I've got 30BB in my stack. Aggro-boy just lost a big pot to fall beneath me in chips, w00t!

Aquarium was fun. Penguins, lizards, beluga whales, fishes... even some tropical birds for me to get all squealy about! The weather has sucked today, though, and we were soaked to the bone after walking from the aquarium to the train to head home. Brrr! We're expecting some crazy storms to roll through here tonight as the temps warm up, and then... SNOW this weekend. WTF? I hate Chicago weather. Srsly. With a passion.

Aww what the hell, 95s looks good. Haven't played a hand in a while. oooh, 2nd pair! But aggro-dork will surely bet the K. He did. Gut feeling. I call. Oooh, flush draw! Hmmm. Wow, he checked it to me and folded when I bet. How bizarre!

So, when a few people are in a pot, and it checks around on the flop, then a guy in the middle comes out firing on the turn with a pot-sized bet, what do you think that typically means?

I find it's generally Mr. Trickery Dickery Dock Newbie slowplaying, but he can't hold back his nut any longer and throws his whole wad. Or a pot-sized wad, anyway. I bet the guy with the froggy avatar is Mr. TDDN.

So I'll play 95s and then fold A9o. What can I say? I wasn't feelin' it.

Wow, I just noticed how on the tournament lobby screen, FTP shows color ratings next to player names if you've got them rated/noted. That's pretty sweet!

Wow, I really enjoy beating aggro-nerd out of pots.

Looks like Adobe is trying again with their Lightroom update after the last debacle. Lightroom 1.4.1 is out - we'll see if the walls come crashing down this time.

Nice, in the money! Someone knocked out aggro-donk! Those of us that remain all have about the same amount of chips. Here we go...

Something feels wrong about playing against someone whose handle is "[someone's] mom." Weird, no?

Someone's mom folds a lot.

Damn, AA min raise, no action. But how many times have you read me blog about slow-playing AA even versus 1 opponent and getting bitten in the ass? No sir, not today.

Someone's mom took the chip lead and now she's pushing all in every hand. HA and she just lost to the other guy. Well, I guess that sucks, cuz now he's no longer the short stack. Bah.

I'm the short stack.

Wow, the short stack just called my 6xBB all in for almost his entire stack with 10-8 suited. My A4s did not hold up. Wheee out in 3rd. Better than 4th!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Twice in one week?

Yup, I fired up a $22+2 9-handed turbo NLHE sit n go.

Q2o? Fold.

I was inspired by the fact that it's 4pm and I'm not at work. I've changed out of the monkey suit and into cozy pajama pants and a hoodie. (Cozy? Isn't it supposed to be spring? Yeah, notsomuch if you're anywhere near Chicago).

I'm also inspired by the fact that I only have one more (long) work day to survive this week - tomorrow. I've taken a personal day Thursday, and with that day of freedom I'm going to the Brookfield Zoo to take pictures of animals. :)

It's a strange spring here. None of the trees seem to be budding yet. It's awful late to look around and see nothing but sticks. I'm so tired of the dead trees. It's supposed to snow here this weekend. WTF??!

Grrr I hate it when I slow play as a defensive move and end up paying off the SOB anyway. I can't think of too many situations where a defensive slow play actually saved me money.

No action on my flopped set of 4's. Booo.

Back to the defensive slow play. So, I've got top pair, week kicker. I check-call, not wanting to get too married to the hand. But as I check-call, the board becomes more and more coordinated until it becomes likely that my now-two-pair is not good. But top pair WAS good on the flop, and I probably could have pushed weasel-boy off of his 2nd pair, had I bet instead of checked.

It's more of me being a wuss than anything.

I love the K on the flop against 5 opponents when I'm holding QQ. It's not like preflop raises mean anything anyway.

In completely unrelated news, I would definitely NOT kick Jared Leto out of bed for eating crackers.

Nice. AA held up on the short stack. Doubled up. Tight game. Blah.

The rain has begun here. I'm hoping we get the thunderstorm they mentioned in today's weather forecast. I'm so geeked out for spring storms to kick in!

I'm on a Photoshop brush kick. Two of my favorite places to find brushes:
DeviantART's Photoshop brushes and

Still hanging in there. Only 2 people have gone out. Everyone is in push-or-fold mode. Ugh. Yawn.

Yowza - bet that guy is pissed. I called a short-stack's all in with 88 for 2/3 of my own short stack. He had A70. Flop came AA8. 'Nuff said. Buh-bye.

Alrighty - I just knocked out another guy with 32o when I flopped 2 pair. One more to the money.

My cats have suddenly become interested in sitting on my desk. Oy. Srsly. Why? Cats do not belong on desks.

I'm 2nd in chips out of 4 and only have 10BB. These are the most boring of all poker games on the planet. Did I already say yawn?

Push or fold, push or fold...

I'd say it's like watching grass grow, but NOTHING is growing around here!

WOW a-hole pushes with 73o. I call all in with AA, and the guy after me (who started with 200 more chips) called with AQs. Flop came 4-5-6. Way to bubble.

That was so entirely unfulfilling that I have no words.

Do you talk too much in your blog?
Created by OnePlusYou

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yeah, that poker thing!

Forgot about that!

Home games don't happen around here as often as they used to. It's a shame, as live poker is my favorite. Favoring home improvements and my new photography hobby, I don't really maintain a bankroll to play at the boats anymore.

Thank goodness Full Tilt exists, both for the occasional fix and to keep poker around my world.

Look at that - my favorite hand, first hand in!


Hehe. 97-off doesn't do so well for a 10xBB raise preflop.

I see there are a couple episodes of High Stakes Poker waiting on my TiVo. I wonder if they're re-runs or new... though I don't mind the re-runs. I rarely remember the whole show anyway, as often I'm playing online while watching.

Dave Matthews Band tour dates have been announced. I will definitely be at Alpine Valley (Milwaukee, WI 8/9-10) and Bridgeview (Chicago-ish, IL 6/6). St. Louis (6/7) and Toronto, Ontario (Canada 6/18) are possibilities. If anyone is going to any of the shows, holler! I will miss my absolute favorite venue this year (Deer Creek, IN aka Noblesville). I'll be in Boston that week, boooo :( Well, not booo, as I absolutely love Boston, but booo for missing DMB at my favorite place. Boston will be awesome, though. Been there once before and can't wait to go back!

Sweet! Tripled up right outta the gate. Flopped a King-high spade flush with KJs, versus set-over-set. Only of FTP, right?!

I may make a visit to Potowatomi Casino this summer while up at Milwaukee for DMB. You never know...

I like flopping sets on uncoordinated boards. This game ain't so bad!

Let's see, what else is new in my world?

I set up a home darkroom in my garage last weekend. (Just folded the hammer). I'm enjoying black and white film photography (though I'll likely stick with digital for color). I've registered for my next two photography classes this summer - Digital Darkroom and Basic Lighting. (Damn - flop 7-5-2! Shouldn't have folded that hammer!)

I attended Severe Weather Spotter Training from the National Weather Service over spring break, so I'm now an official spotter. Bring it on, tornado alley! :) One of these springs I will go storm chasing. There's a great program offered by a local college here, involving a 10-day driving trip through the midwest chasing tornadoes with some local meteorologists. I picked up a book on weather photography last week. Just started reading it, in anticipation of storm season (though it seems like spring is never going to make it to Chicago this year).

Love it when people try to get all trickery-dickery-dock with disguising their hands, and then get NO action cuz they checked it down waiting for me to bluff.

5 people left in this SnG.

So what's new with you guys? I've had to clear out my RSS reader, as I just got way too far behind to catch up. Work has been a bit nutty, but hallelujah - 5 weeks till summer break! That sounds insane, considering it's not even spring yet, weather-wise.

No flopped set that time. Fold.

Had to bring my beloved iMac in to the Apple Store for repair last week. Power supply died. Kind of sucks, considering it's only 5 months old, but I had it back in a couple days, free of charge, so I'm not going to complain too loudly.

Just hit a 2-outer to knock a guy out. Why is it my gut reaction to say, whoops? hehe

Ouch. Set over set to my bad that time. 4 left. We all have around 3k chips. Watch my dumb ass bubble. Grr!

I thought it was a dream, cuz I never flew before....

So who saw the pregnant guy on Oprah today? WTF?

Excellent - in the money!

Excellent again - JJ! Nice, held up.

I hate folding to blind-stealing aggro's, but sometimes...

Out in 3rd. My 88 vs KQ (I pushed, he called). Q on flop... not a bad re-entry into the atmosphere.