Monday, September 27, 2010

Summer's winding down, kids. To me, that means, poker season!

I live in Chicago, and it gets friggin cold here. Miserable cold. So I spend a lot more time indoors in the winter. Someday I hope for this not to be true - because I hope not to be in Chicago! I hope to be someplace warmer, someday. But for now... Chicago it is.

I've started saving up my poker fund for December's WPBT gathering. I haven't made it out to one in a few years, and can't wait to see everybody again (especially Waffles! Dude, have I ever even met you yet?!) Would love to see all of my buddies again :) I can't wait! And I'll definitely need some recovery time from the Chicago weather by then.

Who's with me for Vegas in December?!