Saturday, October 11, 2008

You are Judgement

Happiness, Content, Joy.

Judgment is related to the Hebrew letter Shin, which is fiery and spiritual. A break from the past, going forward.

With Fire as its ruling element, Judgement is about rebirth or ressurection. The idea of Judgement day is that the dead rise, their sins are forgiven, and they move onto heaven. The Judgement card is similar, it asks the resurrection to summon the past, forgive it, and let it go. There are wounds from the past that we never let heal, sins we've committed that we refuse to forgive, bad habits we haven't the courage to lose. Judgement advises us to finally face these, recognize that the past is past, and put them to rest, absolutely and irrevocably. This is also a card of healing, quite literally from an accident or illness, as well as a card signaling great transformation, renewal, change.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Posted by Dave Matthews to Twitter at 12:40pm 10/6/2008:

I find the state of American politics heartbreaking. And the dominant news coverage suffocating, panic inspiring, septic mis-information.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Killing time, sorta.

Hitting up a turbo SnG on FTP. What am I killing time in anticipation of? Nothing really. There's probably something good I could watch on the TiVo. I plan to play some Ultima Online at some point today. I need to do bills. Maybe I'm procrastinating that.

Really, I'm just looking to engage my mind in something distracting from what is otherwise known as "real life."

Speaking of UO - if there are any UO players out there, I'll be in Chicago at the UO Town Hall Meeting at Dave & Busters on Oct 18th. Come out and meet up! I'll be wearing a t-shirt advertising my UO web site, Look for me!

Folded 62o and K6s. Wheee!

I've got one single-tabler going, and am registered in a turbo deep stack knockout 90 player SnG... waiting for that one to fill.

I reluctantly turned my furnace on today. It's 61 degrees in here, and while I sleep very well under such conditions, i don't do well during the waking hours. My hands were so cold it was getting hard to type, and that's all snuggled up in my trademark of 3 seasons clothing staple, the hoodie, and my fuzzy duck slippers on. So I endured the grungy smell of that first run of the furnace about an hour ago and am feeling much better now, as are the cats, who were following the sun around the house in various windows to keep warm earlier today. I need to buy a new filter for my furnace. I'm currently running without one, thus contributing to that funky odor (which has since burned away).

Quack quack. Limped in EP with ducks. No raisers. Let's see a flop! Sweet, set on a K82 board. La la la results to follow, as I must concentrate now.

WOW. Set over set over set. And I'm out. Set of 8's, set of 6's, set of 2's. (The 6 came on the turn). Holy hell. Only online, baby! Out in 8th.

Would you believe it actually occurred to me that maybe I should fold when the guy after me immediately called my pot bet, and the button raised me way too big? There were 2 flush draws out there on the turn. Sorry guys - I'm just not good enough to lay down a set on an otherwise uncoordinated board. I'm taking that river card versus a draw most days.

Oh well. 90 player game is still filling up. Time for a beverage break.

And, we're off!

So how about that VP debate the other night! Hmm, yeah, I don't do politics on this here blog, or pretty much on any of these here blogs I ramble on. Not that I didn't watch it... or that I don't have opinions. It seems to me that unless you're debating politics with a friend, colleague, or otherwise with a decent bit of knowledge on the subject, most peoples' opinions are rooted in things they've heard other people say as opposed to actual personal conclusions they've drawn. As such, it's really hard to have an educated debate on politics with most people. Maybe it's just the people I encounter and spend time with. I enlightened a friend of mine recently that your singular vote for president doesn't actually "count" in terms of literally affecting the outcome - one person's vote doesn't really decide the presidency, and that a president can actually lose the "popular" vote (the hand-by-hand vote count) and still win the presidency. (Ahem). He hadn't paid attention in government class and didn't know what the electoral college is. He does now. He now deems our whole voting system "unfair." LOL! Yeah, sometimes it feels that way....

I'm no expert on politics by any stretch, but I am proud to say that in every election (I vote in most every election I'm eligible for, local, state, and federal), I do my own fact-finding, read up on the issues and the candidates at hand, and come to my own conclusions. I generally don't vote straight-party, and I'm comfortable with my contributions to the processes that make this country great.

Ugly rag cards so far in this SnG.

Well that was more political yammering than I can handle in one blog post. Moving on...

I could really use one of those back scratching sticks. I have awfully dry skin pretty much all seasons except summer (worst in the winter), and it has begun... itchy back!!! Bah.

Seems that I can't hit a draw to save my life...

So I installed VMWare Fusion, as mentioned in my last post. It works a lot more smoothly for me than Parallels (which makes me a little unhappy, since I paid for Parallels without testing it, and really don't want to fork out more money). I can't play UO very well on it, though - it seems to handle the graphics fine (unlike Parallels), but the ping times are just awful. I guess running through a virtual network card is just ugly for online gaming. I can't find any sort of support documents about improving the performance of the network card through virtualization, so if anybody has any advice, please holler! I will buy VMWare if I can get its network performance up a bit.

&$*#&($# I'm having one of those days where I make the right plays at the right times and luck is just F'ing me royally. Got a scooby all in, JJ vs his top pair 10's with 1 card to come, and he hits the third 10. Waaa. <10BB left.

I miss live poker.

And, I'm out with top pair 10's (AT suited) when I pushed on the flop (pot was 210 and I had 410 left). Got caught by a guy who slow-played KK preflop. Wheee!

Ahh well. At least I was distracted for an hour or so... sorta.

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