Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Enjoy it while it lasts! I'm in 1st place overall in the online poker league I play in. It's very early in the season, and a big win this week pushed me up the ranks. So I'll enjoy my 5 minutes of fame before I fall back into the middle of the pack... :)

I've been watching the Big Game on TV (the one with the whole loose canon thing). Week after week, it seems the players with the most cash in front of them are the ones 3 and 4 betting preflop. Now, of course, that only works because it's a pot limit game preflop on this show, but still. I think the message is clear: preflop aggression can be lucrative.

I've settled pretty comfortably over the years into a game that is a bit aggressive post-flop, but very passive preflop. And I do alright. But for the first time, I'm actually starting to believe that if I'd grow me a pair preflop, I could be more successful.

Can I beat my inner chicken and start raising a bit more preflop (and with hands other than top 10's?)

It sure would be nice to make some tweaks and get into a good groove for Vegas in December!