Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So, I'm sitting here playing a little .50/1.00 limit hold'em, waiting for my Nyquil to kick in. Ya see, I caught myself a cold somehow, and it is beating me up something fierce. I didn't want to sit down to a SnG tourney, lest the Nyquil make me go loopy before the tourney ended (or just pass out drooling... neither is an inviting scenario). So, here I sit.

I've had a top 2-pair busted twice now to a flush, in all of about 10 minutes. Make that 3 times - except once to a higher 2 pair. What's up with me flopping great hands, only to lose? Ahhh there's one - my 2 pair held up. Really - I've been seated for 34 minutes and have flopped 2 pair, 4 times! Seems odd. Time to look up some stats on that. 1 in 49 - well I am certainly well above average on the two-pair insanity.

In other news, I've seen Ladies in the pocket 4 times tonight as well - and they haven't held up a single time. Do ya get the feeling I'm gonna be on the losing side of the bankroll by the time this post ends and I retire to la la land?

AK did me bad tonight too. Super-sweet hands pre-flop, sucky post-flop beats. I was comparing the stats from those 2 sessions to other winning sessions, are the numbers are all about the same ($ voluntarily put into the pot, aggression stats, etc). I think maybe I was just getting sucked out on. Can bad luck really be the reason for a bad night?

I think the magic answer is, "Yes." Sometimes we can play our cards to the best of our ability and still end up losing. While I do try to learn something from every game I play, I think that sometimes I just have to accept that there is a luck factor involved as well, and sometimes I'm just not going to win, no matter how (or what) I play. It's as simple as that.

Ahh well. I caught some hands at one table to bring me +$1.63... let's see, if we offset the -$14 at the other table, I guess it's not so bad for a night littered with bad beats.

I so badly want to continue playing, but I can hardly see straight (it now being 95 minutes since I took that Nyquil). Better hit the hay. Better luck tomorrow...


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