Saturday, April 09, 2005

"Just don't get addicted..." -- My mom, when I told her I was using my Full Tilt winnings to pay for another Vegas trip


Gotta love moms. Always looking out for their kids, even when their kids aren't kids anymore. I'm about to head out to dinner with said Mom, but wanted to put up a lil' Happy Weekend to everybody!

I played on Full Tilt for about an hour this afternoon, killing time until said lunch date (which has now become a dinner date). More of the same: I was 3-tabling at the 25NL tables, and had a whole lot of folding, a few baby pots to keep me right around even or up a few bucks, and then WHAM! The big monster drag that has me up $30 or so for the day.

Patience really does pay off in NL ring games. That, and my new mantra:


Unless of course I have solid pot odds to do so, and even then, I'm laying down some of the gutshots and longshot draws. It has been working out well. I'm rarely laying down winners, and not putting any more bets in the pot than I should. I've had a couple hands where I've lost a few bucks by misreading my opponent, but I'm chalking those payments up to experience, and am certainly keeping notes on my results.

I'm in a state of glee regarding my bankroll at Full Tilt. My offline bankroll is back down to zilch, as I used it all to go to Vegas last month, so here's hoping that tonight's $25 investment at the Forest game turns into a profit! I've got some tough competition to look forward to.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Bazkar said...
    Good luck at the Forest game tonight!

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