Saturday, April 02, 2005

Well, just busted out of the Full Tilt WSOP freeroll. When you hit your first 100 player points, you get entered into their freeroll for a seat in the WSOP main event. So, what the heck - I showed up this afternoon to try my luck.

My first two tables had no live humans! Nobody showed up. So I took all the blinds, until I got moved to a table with one human who didn't understand that with nobody else playing, if there were no live people in a hand, a raise would automatically win it for her, as the dead hands were automatically folded. So she kept folding to dead players. Whatever...

Then, a few live people showed up, and we actually played some hands. Eventually I was at a table of primarily live players, and proceeded to be cold decked in the worst way.

About 3 hours into the tourney, I sat with 15k in chips and blinds at 500/1000. All of a sudden, Human Head shows up! Awesome, something to break up the boredom of folding hands (since my limit ring game table was as chatty as funeral). Head quickly doubled up his 25k stack to a sweet 50k, and I must say - I have a good feeling for him. It wouldn't surprise me to hear later on that he's won the thing.

As for me, it was not meant to be. Lost a good chunk of my stack from the small blind with ATo, when the ring checked around all the way to the river. An Ace fell, and I bet half the pot at it, only to discover I'd run into a slowplayed AK. A few hands later I went all in with my 77, and lost to TT. Whooppeeeee!

40th out of 1,418. Not bad I suppose, and I didn't mind having a way to chill out and kill the afternoon. Now I must go get ready to head over to my friend Scott's house for an impromptu rendition of the Diamond Game. I also got news that next weekend, Ray will be hosting another game at the Forest. Yipee skippee! Alrighty, maybe I've been sitting in front of this computer too long...

Good luck, Human Head! Win that thing :)

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