Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pumps Fist

Took down another 30+3 single table SnG on FTP just now. That's 2 days in a row - made up for those 3 nasties from the other day. Also doubled my money on the 3/6 limit table. Happy vacation to me!

Upon completion of today's SnG, the 2nd place player proceeded to spew "LOL, donkey - learn to play $&*&#&$!" after I had politely said, "gg." I literally laugh out loud when called a donkey. I'm about as rock-ish as they come. It's practically impossible for a rock who is winning to be classified as a donkey, as most of the time, when the rocks are winning, it is because their good cards are hitting - and they only play good cards.

I was chip leader for most of this game, after doubling up early on a flopped set of ducks. I got lucky one time, raising the short stacked BB when it folded to me in the SB. He re-raised all in, which was less than 10% of my stack more to call - so I did. I had AT vs his KK. I rivered an Ace. Yikes. Still, not a donkey move preflop, I don't think.

On the final hand, I limped from the SB with 79 offsuit. I flopped 2nd pair 9's, and called my opponent's minimum bet. I turned 2 pair. He bet out, and I raised him all in. He called. And lost. And then threw a temper tantrum.

Must be rough finishing in 2nd place all the time :)

I'm not really so arrogant - except after being called a donkey by winning a match fair and square.

Have a great week, everybody - I probably won't make it on much this week, as I'll be off on vacation. One hour till I head out to see Dave Matthews Band. w00t!


  1. TripJax said...
    well done ya donkey!
    Dave said...
    Being called a donkey only means the other player is trying to justify why they lost. Those players feel that whoever was ahead preflop was the better player and anyone who sees a flop with an inferior hand had no right to be in the hand. What BS.

    As far as I'm concerned, once the table gets down to 6 players or less it's anything goes.

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