Thursday, October 19, 2006

My question to Full Tilt, after being bombarded with bright and perky Affiliate newsletters about how great things are now that Full Tilt has become our savior:

Does Full Tilt have any opinion of the legality of the affiliate program, in light of the new legislation?

Their response:


We are not in a position to answer specific legal questions nor to provide general legal advice to our affiliates. Please seek appropriate legal opinions from an attorney or other authorized legal advisor as soon as practical. Additionally, if you are interested in following the various issues surrounding poker today, you may wish to visit the PPA site at Thank you for your support.

Best regards,


That's funny, because if I'm not mistaken, they doled out a huge piece of legal advice to their thousands of US players, stating that playing online poker does not break any US Federal laws. That nugget immediately followed their statement of "After consultation with numerous legal experts in this field, we want to make you aware...." (See FTP's press release)

There are a million ways they could have worded that affiliate email that wouldn't have sounded like, "Yup, affiliates are breaking the law, but we won't tell you - we'll keep accepting your referrals as long as you don't get caught! Good luck with that!" or, "We love our players, but affiliates are on their own!"

Thanks a lot. Keep on handing out the legal advice so long as it lines your pocketbooks. Besides - my question was stated purposefully NOT to ask for advice, but to ask for a statement on their position on the topic.

Reading skills are overrated anyway.


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