Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Learned an interesting lesson last week at a poker game. NLHE, hosted by Ryan (a regular attendee of the Diamond games).

I'm in the big blind with two offsuit small cards. I see a flop in an unraised, multi-way pot. The flop is A-2-4.

It is checked to me.

I can't remember which two small cards I have. I think I might have flopped a straight.

Someone wiser than I might have checked their hole cards before deciding on action. I decide to check, and THEN check my hole cards.

I flopped the straight. And check-called the rest of the way, giving free cards that ended up allowing my opponent to catch up and make the 6 high straight.

Lesson: CHECK YOUR HOLE CARDS before acting! Sheesh.

That's the first bit of live poker I've played in a while. It's the first poker of any kind I played in April. Work has been a bit nutty.

You'll be glad to know that not only am I playing a SnG right now on Full Tilt, but I've only got 2 more weeks of work before my schedule dramatically decreases for the summer.

I'm still a ? re: Vegas this summer. Money's been tight. I'll try my damnedest!

My friend Scott who hosts the local Diamond game is holding a charity game this weekend to benefit the American Cancer Society. $20 rebuy NLHE. Jim of the Nice Table Games hosted it last year. We hope to carry on this tradition. Cancer is something that somehow seems to touch us all. If you haven't had cancer, you know someone who's been affected by it. I say we play some poker and kick this cancer thing to the curb! The way my crowd plays in rebuys, we should have a nice juicy donation by the end of the night.

Back to folding on Full Tilt...


  1. BamBam said...
    Nice to have you back ! Missed you all of April. Hope to hear from you again soon.
    I also just wanted to say thanks for linking us, however you did it? I can't see it but, I had a few people comment that they came in to us through Hella Hold'em. So thanks again!
    Shelly said...
    Heya BamBam - I've got you linked up in my blogroll on the left side of the page :) Thanks for reading!

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