Saturday, March 31, 2007

What I did today on Full Tilt:

$20 SnG (single table):

$20 SnG (5-table):

Oh baby, step back, cuz I am on a roll!

That 45 player SnG was brutal. I folded until I was down to 8BB or so (awful ugly cards), then doubled up on an all in. Limped into the final table (though only 6 places paid), and managed to double up twice. I was 2nd in chips and feeling quite good, when I endured two awful suckouts -one right after making the money, and one 3-handed.

I'll recount the last one. It involved me having QQ, opponent having 22. We both flopped sets and get all in. He rivered the case deuce.

After all that, I *still* managed to come back from less than 5BB... FOUR TIMES 3-handed!

Then, to my great enjoyment, I knocked out the guy that kept killing me with the beats.

Next hand, got all in with QJs vs A8o, and lost. I'll take 2nd place! w00t!

Tonight I'm heading out to a party which I anticipate will be much fun. A good day all around!


  1. jusdealem said...
    Congrats! Way to go, girl. :)
    jnphrly said...
    Hey congrats! Been reading your blog all day at work, its been keeping me well entertained. i recently started contributing to, you should check us out! also, would you be interested in a mutually beneficial link exchange?

    Unknown said...
    I found this blog looking for other blogs talking about SNG's online and will definitely add it to my list. You might want to check out my new blog covering SNG strategy at, and if you like it, link back to me. Thanks.
    Unknown said...
    Hey its Jennifer (from above) again, was just wondering if you sell advertising on your site, please let me know
    James said...
    love the blog. i managed to leave myself logged on at PokerStars at the home base, so I can't make it into a table at "work"... reading about your hands though is almost as good. don't you just HATE suckouts? gj on the 45 player sng. will enjoy reading more.


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