Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hit n' Run

I've been dabbling online again with Full Tilt Poker. I'm trying a new "strategy." It's called hit n' run. This strategy is not new. I've just never believed it to be the "right" way to be, or at least no more right than spending hours at the same table online.

I sign on to FTP. Sit down to a couple 3/6 limit holdem tables. Double my money. Log out.

Why log out when I'm winning?

Because given time, at these low limits, the chips more often than not find some way to leak back into the stacks of the scoobies.

In the past, I was of the opinion that sitting for hours on the same online poker tables was the same as sitting for hours at the same live table. It's no different, right, besides seeing more hands online than live?

It's different. Players turn over so quickly at online tables that a table's makeup is almost never the same hour to hour. In a live game, the table can remain stable with the same players for hours on end. I sat at a table a few weeks ago for 10 hours, and in that time, only 2 of the 10 players had changed. That doesn't happen online.

So, when I happen to sit down and win money at a table, I don't assume that I'll continue to win money, because the table's makeup by the time I've won a chunk of change has likely already changed since I sat down.

Get while the gettin' is good.

I've got my name on a couple 3/6 waiting lists right now. I am watching the most glorious visual feat of my 32 year life thus far: NHL hockey in high definition on a gorgeous 57" TV. I <3 DirecTV, my HDTV, and the NHL Center Ice package.

Oh look, a seat is ready. Hit n' run, baby...


  1. AKA Dirty Stacks said...
    How has this little experiment worked so far?
    Shelly said...
    4 nights in a row so far of leaving with $50-100 total (at 3/6, two or three tabling). I started with $60 so it has been kind of like, presto! Instant bankroll! Just add water!

    I'll have one table where I go bust (I only buy in for 10BB), and two tables where I double up. It's working out, so far.

    And it's easier to fit into my schedule... hehe.

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