Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You gotta work it, work it...

I'm working the hit n' run thing on Full Tilt. My sessions are no longer than 1 hour long. I've been 3 tabling the last few days, though sometimes I two-table when I'm also reading blogs or something during the downtime.

I learned a bit of a lesson yesterday that I will be incorporating into my hit n' run scheme. If you manage to score a 17BB profit in less than 10 minutes, take the money and run. Yesterday morning, I found myself up over $100 at $3/6 LHE in the first 7 minutes of play. I caught a couple big hands right out of the gate, and they held up in big multiway pots. I thought, "I should RUN!" but the greed took over. There's always that tiny voice in my head saying, "Hey, look how lucky I just got - maybe this is my Lucky Day!" It wasn't my lucky day, and over the next half hour, I gave back all but $30 of those sweet sweet big bets.

Lesson: When hitting and running, RUN after a big HIT, even if you've only been playing for 7 minutes.

It seems in tailoring my personal HnR rules, I'm going for a "whichever comes first" scenario: log off after a significant hit or one hour, whichever comes first.

My stats since I started this HnR routine about a week ago ($3/6 limit holdem, both full ring and 6-max):

Total hands: 799
VPIP: 22.9%
PFR: 3.88% (yeah, that number has not improved over the years)
BB/100: 2.92

This is, of course, a very small number of hands, but I haven't had a losing session yet, so I'm going to keep at it! It's been so long since I've had any confidence in my ability to be profitable online. It's nice to be finding my online game again, particularly since my return to the casinos went so horribly awry.

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