Sunday, March 18, 2007

I did a pretty dumb thing last week. It's the kind of thing that made me think, "well maybe if I don't blog about it, nobody will notice..." What you might notice, though, is that after a couple weeks of happy posts about my return to FTP, all of a sudden, there was silence.

So, I will air my dirty laundry.

From a measly $40, I pulled my online bankroll up to $400 playing 3/6 LHE. I was running good. I normally play 5/10 LHE at the casino, so I thought to myself... why not play 5/10 online? So I did.

And I ran bad.

Of course I didn't have the bankroll to sit that high. Hell, I didn't even have the bankroll to be sitting 3/6! But 3/6 is where I'm most comfortable online, and I tend to do well there. I shoulda stayed put!

So I blew all but $17 of my online bankroll in two very unlucky sessions at 5/10. I did come away with a mental note, though, that I think I could play comfortably there, if I had the bankroll to do so. I'll just say I don't feel afraid of taking another shot at it someday, as my losses were primarily attributable to bad cards and bad luck as opposed to bad play. (Of course, the statistical sample of hands is very small).

With the unmistakable craving to play some poker festering in my gut yesterday, I sat down to something I haven't played in a while: NLHE sit n' go's on FTP. I played one $10 SnG. I won it.

$50 does not a bankroll make, and it's not enough to sit down at 3/6. Today, I debated sitting down at 2/4 LHE, and decided not to. I'm currently playing in a $10 SnG

[[[[[[[ this post interrupted by a Comcast cable outage ]]]]]]]


I blinded out of my 10 SnG while my cable internet was down for 25 minutes, and I'm down to 1,100 chips with blinds at 150/300 in the multi-table.

And.... now I'm out, in 17th place.

I am just not meant to play poker online, am I? If that's not a punch in the gut from the online poker gods, I don't know what is.

F$%king Comcast.

Let's see, what can I do with my remaining $20? Back to the drawing board....


  1. Human Head said...
    I think I may have read something about Satan himself running Comcast in a partnership with the NSA.

    That may be just a rumor, but it really wouldn't surprise me. They suck in unbelievable ways.
    Dave said...
    Last summer I was having non-stop problems with Comcast in my home. The problems seemed to be getting worse over time. What ended up being the problem was not comcast but the dang cable modem I was using had become obsolete when they had upgraded their service in my area. Only thing is, they neglected to tell me about it. I took my cable modem into my local comcast office and they traded my old cable modem in for a new model. I hooked that up and now things work great again - no disconnects. May be well worth your time to swap it in if yours is older than 2 years old.

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