Friday, February 25, 2005

Welp - I finally did it. Switched to the new template. In the goofy style that was known as the Dark Dots template, I've stuck with the retro scheme - though this might be more 80's retro than anything. What can I say - I'm a child of the 80's. Give me some big hair and a little Gn'R to rock out to and I'm right back in it. (Actually, this theme is probably more along the lines of Poison, circa "Look What the Cat Dragged In").

At any rate - if you discover any quirks or problems with it, let me know. I've checked it in IE and of course Mozilla Firefox.

Randy and I will be playing cards tomorrow night at the almost-bimonthly Diamond Game at Scott's. Ol' Scotty gave me a call this afternoon for a final headcount on my clan of invitees, and asked if I'd be up for a little turbo SnG action on PokerStars. Having all of 14 cents in my PS account, I pondered ways to get cashola in there, until Scott suggested a quick transfer from his account to mine, and I could pay him back tomorrow. Sweet!

I fired up PS and waited for the latest software update. (It's been a while since I fired up PS). Sat down to a $25+2 turbo no-limit hold'em sit-n-go. I proceeded to eventually take out Scott and the guy next to him, when I raised it up pre-flop in late position with 66. Scott raised all-in, and the other guy called. What the heck - I re-raise all-in, leaving other-guy to call off his remaining 600 or so chips. Turns out I'm up against sailboats (pocket 4's) and Scott's AK suited. The flop comes down, and all I see is a big ACE glaring at me - until I realized that there was also a 6 in the mix. Shizzle ma Nizzle! Sweet glorious Satan! The board paired fives and I took the hand with a boat. Thank goodness. 666 is evil. I ended up placing 3rd, so I paid Scott back and kept a $15 profit. Woohoo! I have money in PokerStars now! LOL.

Now that I'm done tweaking this new template, I think I may want to play some online poker. I think a little dinner is in order first. I'm sure I'll tell more stories later....

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  1. High Plains Drifter said...
    It's Miami Vice, the blog. Radical!!!

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