Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sat down to Empire tonight, hoping that a 2-table SnG would fill up fast enough to begin before my patience for waiting ran out. It was 12:30am or so. In the meantime, I decided to play some .50/1.00 limit hold'em.

Waited for the big blind and posted with 5-6 of clubs. One caller, then the button raises to a dollar. Well, shoot - I don't usually defend my blinds with low suited connectors, but why not? The raise could be a position move, and it's my first hand - let's gamble!

Flop comes two clubs for me and an open-ended straight draw. Well alrighty then! Button bet out fifty cents. I call, along with the other caller. Turn makes my straight. This time I bet out first. Other guy folds, button raises, I call. River is an Ace of non-clubs. I bet, button calls. My straight wins. First hand, and I'm up five-plus bucks. Sweet!

Then, all of a sudden the table started breaking up! I saw three hands total before it was down to 3 people left. I waited out the orbit, and then left the table.

Up five bucks, woohoo!

The 2-table SnG hadn't picked up any more players (still needed 11 more people), and I decided I was just too tired to play anyway. So I logged out and did a little more testing on my new template.

Seems that the layout isn't centering in IE. Stupid browser. I can't wait to see what a joke IE7 is. Mozilla rocks hardcore. I haven't the brainpower to hack at the CSS tonight, so that will have to wait till Friday most likely. But, I hope to have my new template up this weekend. Thanks to High Plains Drifter, April, and Pauly for the comments on the new design. Any other thoughts - feel free to post a comment.

I've pretty much decided, though, that I like it :)

Ahh well, off to bed. Work is killing me. At least I made five bucks tonight!


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