Sunday, February 20, 2005

A few random tidbits for your Sunday afternoon... (or Monday morning, for those killing time at work). I've been playing around with the default table images for Party Poker (Empire, actually - same difference). Pretty doggone cool what you can do. I haven't done anything fancy to mine - just removed the dealer body and replaced her with a chart of outs & odds, and added to the table the abbreviations for each statistic in my new PlayerView setup.

Yes, I decided to give PlayerView a real try. It's a pain in the butt to set up the table layout, unless you happen to like one of the ones on their web site. But, I didn't, so had to create my own. I spent a couple hours yesterday tweaking the positioning of all of the numbers. It's not perfect, but livable. The main reason I wanted to try it out is that GameTime+ lags my system terribly. I can't imagine I need an upgrade just yet - I am running an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ with a gigabyte of Corsair XMS dual channel DDR400 ram. If GT+ needs more than a gig of ram to run comfortably, forget it! I'll learn to like PlayerView!

So far, PlayerView is running very smoothly on my machine. No problems to report. I like that it can dock to the system tray when minimized - frees up space on my taskbar. I wish you could group each player's stats into a block that could be easily moved around. As is, you have to move every single stat for every single player individually. Getting the numbers to line up nicely has been my biggest problem. But, no lag - and that is wonderful!

Right now I'm sitting at a $25NL table, trying to nudge my bankroll up a little bit before I head out with Randy to play cards over at Armando & Kathie's house. A nice little Sunday night game to gear up for the new week, eh? I'm up $20 right now... I'm tempted to take my winnings and go, but I haven't hit cold cards yet, so maybe I'll go for the double-my-buy-in mark. That's my stop-win - hit $50 and head out. Stop loss is at $15 - lose five more bucks and head out. That's my plan.

In other news, I've been playing around with creating my own blogger template for Hella Hold'em here. I found a font that I really like for a logo, but the color scheme has been the tricky point for me. Just can't settle on one. We'll see... I had another color scheme idea a few minutes ago, so I'll be trying some things out. Hella here might get a facelift one of these days.


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