Monday, February 21, 2005

A few weeks back I had posted a little blurb about poker personalities. I ran across an article today about introverts and poker, and how the INTJ's and INTP types may just be the best personality types for poker. (I'm an INTJ - find out what you are).

Other poker introverts: let's see. Howard Lederer. Dan Harrington (whose book I'm loving, by the way). Johnny Chan. Chris Ferguson.

A few quotes from the article:

"Extroverts are expressive—not exactly a winning characteristic at the poker table. They generally talk a lot—and we all know you cannot listen when you are talking. Extroverts want to be, and perhaps are compelled to be—the “life of the party”. Expression, expression and more expression. How can any of this be good for your poker game?...

Introverts are less expressive than extroverts, and for this reason, they certainly have more opportunities to observe people. I suspect that intelligent introverts make very good use of these opportunities to gain knowledge of themselves and others. Self-reflective, self-examining, self-aware, externally aware, minimally expressive in social settings: how can this be bad for your poker game? These are the characteristics of winning poker players....

Poker is about a great many things, but it is most definitely not about naturally expressing yourself...."

And my favorite quote of all:
"Poker is the playground of the intelligent introvert."

Interesting article, with a few links to more articles that I wish I had time to read right now. As is, I've got to go get a shower and head to work!

Thanks to HDouble for the linkage.


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