Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hi all -

I'm soooo behind on writing. My most sincere apologies. It's been a crazy couple weeks. Last weekend was tied up with family stuff (birthday parties and the like), though I did manage to hit up Empress on Sunday night for a profitable session at $5/10 LHE. That makes 2 in a row :)

Monday and Tuesday, I was downtown for a conference. My excitement included a train evacuation due to a bomb threat, so that was an experience. (There was no bomb). It was kind of weird though. All of the passengers (including myself) were standing inside the station, listening to the activity up above on the platform where the police were inspecting the train. I called various people to let them know what was going on, laughing about my luck and how late I'd be getting to the conference. (A tiny part of me was calling people... just in case...) I thought to myself, "If there really is a bomb up there, and it blows up, I'd likely die... maybe I should be a little more nervous?" I mean, if that was to be my last few minutes of life, I sure wasn't doing the usual "I'm about to die" stuff. It was a bit surreal.

I've got a Diamond Game to write up from a couple weekends ago, and will be attending another Diamond Game tourney tonight. I'll catch up this weekend - I promise.

Randy and I discussed the possibility of heading over to Resorts tonight after the Diamond game. That would be excellent. I think I'm coming down with a cold, though, so I hope I can manage to fend it off and not feel like absolute dog shit tonight.

Right now, I'm off to have lunch with my sis-in-law and my new neice :)


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