Sunday, March 26, 2006

Second place

Second place
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It's over... I took 2nd place - all with only sucking out one time on someone (KQ vs AK, board came 9-T-J).

My head is spinning back and forth between last night's "I suck at poker" to "holy shit, I just won a thousand bucks."

Literally, spinning.

WTF... insanity.

I was going to head to Empress tonight but I think I need to watch paint dry for a bit. Holy cow.

Not bad for a $26 investment. (254 players)


  1. April said...
    Congrats!!! WTG!!
    on_thg said...
    That's (hella) awesome! Way to go!
    Wes said...
    Woohoo! Way to go!
    jremotigue said...
    Great job!
    John G. Hartness said...
    Rock on!

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