Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I decided to play in one more $20 SnG on Full Tilt. When it got down to 2 players, I had 10k in chips to my opponent's 3500. He/she proceeded to push all in on every single hand. I folded the likes of 9-2o and J4o, figuring that I'll be damned if I'm going to double him/her up just for the sake of not laying down to her raises. (It was a female avatar, but "she" sounded like a man to me).
After a couple hands of this, I paused and typed into the chat box, "What, you don't know how to play actual poker? You can't handle playing heads up? Gotta make this an all-in luck-fest, eh?"

No comment, and for a while he/she started folding. Then the all-in's came back, and I said, "Wow, this is the most horrible heads-up play I've ever seen."

Then, the usual - "I'd rather be lucky than good."

I finally pushed with A2 suited, and she had me barely covered. Her King Ten suited (also hearts) hit a King and she won the tournament, leaving me in 2nd place.

At the end, she said, "Good game." I said, "Wish I could say the same - you didn't play a good game, just a lucky one." She said, "I know."

Whatever.... I totally want to tell you her name, as he/she was just awful - not only heads-up, but throughout the tournament. I'll hold back my slander, though. Feel free to email or IM me if you'd like a new fish to add to your list, though :)

Maybe I'm just offended that someone who made it to the money in a tournament - something I take a bit of pride in - would go and shit on it, tarnishing the whole "accomplishment" factor by making it into a lottery.

Anyway... ITM again, and I think it is time for bed! Nite, all.

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  1. Tim said...
    What level were the blinds?

    I use the all-in alot in heads-up play at the end of the Stars turbos, but when both players have M's less than 5 or 6 it's almost always 'right' to do it if you can get your chips in first.

    Anyway, the blinds and the M calculation are critical when deciding if you're going to play pre-flop or post-flop heads-up. Also, if you've demonstrated clearly superior post-flop skills, it's understandable for your opponent to take that club out of your bag and force you to find a hand.

    Sorry if this sounds like a 2+2 post! ;-)
    Shelly said...
    Blinds were 100/200.

    Though I like your train of thought at the end there - my opponent must have pheared my superior post-flop play ;-D

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