Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm pseudo-live blogging my trip to Resorts tonight on my Blackberry. I'm way down the waiting list, and already dropped my max-allowed 40 bucks into the quarter video poker machines. Damn machines.

I'm on the list for 5/10 holdem. I stopped at Arby's on the way here, and the loaded potato bites are to die for.

Just got called - back in a bit.


Got into a little altercation. A loose player made a late position raise on my BB. I has AK. I called. He bet all the way and I didn't think he had shit. I called him down. He has AJ, and I won. He said, "jeez, promise me you'll call down with nothing all night." I said, "sure, promise me you'll bet with junk." Boy, he got pissed!

Waiting for the cage to come with a fill.

8pm. The fishes are catching. KK and QQ got cracked on the river to 97 and 96, respectively. Both guys were calling my bets (or raises in the case of the KK, as I was in late position) with 2nd pair to the board. I'm reloading and will get my money back, as I am a master when it comes to patience. Better news coming soon.



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