Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I spent 4 hours at Empress this evening, after having a productive afternoon that included a delicious Fuddrucker's burger, an oil change, and driving around with a container full of gasoline in my car after Randy's car ran out of gas.

It was a good night.

I had some very good dealers tonight at the 5/10 game, including one who just finished dealer school. Speedy as heck (putting a few of the other dealers to shame), and kindly washed the cards after each and every hand before shuffling. (There are no automatic shufflers at Empress).

The only down side was sitting at the same table as the ignorant moron from the other week. I can't even begin to tell you how awful it is to play with this guy. I'm not easily offended, but some of the things this guy says are just out of hand. A supervisor stood by at several points in the evening waiting for him to slip and say something rude, so he could kick him out. (No such luck). I mean, this guy talks trash about various ethnicities, "jokes" about homosexuals and people who have AIDS, drops F-bombs left and right, talks openly about his sex life (or lack thereof), degrades women at every chance he gets... my favorite story was one about a black man who wanted to fight him the other night. He told the guy to "go get some rubbers so he could f--- [him] up the ass, since [he] hadn't had sex in 3 years." I mean, come on. This is a 51 year old man saying this.

There was one story I must tell. Ignoramous had a piece of Starburst candy in front of him. He kept calling bets with his piece of candy. The guy holds up the game enough as it is, talking nonstop and failing to pay attention to the action, and wasting time calling bets with the candy was pissing everybody off. (This is where the lack of dealer control of the game at Empress gets really annoying). Finally, an older gentleman at the table reached out to the center of the table (where the Starburst was) and took it. He yelled, "Play your hand, [jerk's name here]!" The jerk actually stood up and started screaming, "Give me back my candy! I want my candy! FLOOR - HE TOOK MY CANDY!"

I'm not kidding. My little cousin is less juvenile, at a ripe 2 years of age. The floor person came over and told him to sit down and be quiet. He should have been asked to leave, as this was not the first time the floor had been called on his bad behavior.

Instead, they comped him ten bucks to get dinner from the deli.

Where is the justice in this world?

In terms of poker, things went well for me. There was nothing really exciting - just some decent hands that held up. Pocket 6's hit a set and turned a boat, and I got paid off. The jerk-guy paid me off when I caught the ass end of a straight with 4 to it onboard. He was betting his overcards all the way and hit his pair on the river. AJ was nice to me, and my pair of aces was good. AA held up for me one time.

Tonight's results:
4 hours, 120 hands
+5.3 BB/hour
+17.5 BB/100

Here's how my Spring Break Rush for 1k is looking:


648 to go...

4 days left. Do ya think I can do it?

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