Saturday, March 25, 2006


I was ice cold at the poker table last night at Resorts. 7 hours and hardly any hands played.

QQ for a raise preflop got me no action (because even the fish can tell when someone has been sitting for 4 hours folding). I thought of limping for that precise reason, but decided it unwise to risk taking those ladies to a 5-handed flop. (That was our table average last night, so it was a slightly tighter game than previously). Something Doyle said in SS2 always rings in the back of my head in situations like these: with those big pocket pairs, you'll usually either win a small pot or lose a big one (when they get cracked). Since I've seen that to be true time and time again with my own eyes, it has really helped me to value those pairs highly preflop, and reconsider carefully on every street (which is really how every hand should be played). Early on in my poker playing, if I had QQ, I was pounding like a maniac on each street to showdown, mostly regardless of the board. I mean, hey - I had queens, man! Not so anymore.

JJ got cracked off when, as expected, and Ace showed up on the river. I was being chased down by A6 suited, no pair no draw.

When those guys at Empress were saying that the 5/10 game at Resorts was harder, I don't think it's because of better players. Sure, last night's game was tighter than the typical 8-or-9 way pots at Empress, but the players were equally "bad" in the same way I'd classify most small-stakes games as "bad" - too many players playing too many hands, and hanging onto them for too long. Loose/passive calling station types are everywhere.

I ran into Heather up at Resorts, who arrived before I did and left after I did. I missed having dinner with her, as I couldn't help taking advantage of the fact that they provide table-side food service at Resorts. It is so cool to be able to eat without leaving the poker table. I had a chicken wrap, which was decent but not really "good." The convenience was worth it though, and $6 isn't so bad for a chicken wrap and some chips (2 wraps, actually). A kind doctor at my table gave me a pass to get into the high limit noodle bar, which he explained had the most excellent Chinese food. I will definitely check that out at some point. Food = gooooood.

Yesterday's chill set me back on my Spring Break Rush for 1K, and I've got only today and tomorrow left to push this over the top. Now, I will actually need an honest to goodness rush to make my goal. That's OK - I can do it :)

Last night's results:
7 hours
210 hands
-1.3 BB/hour
-4.4 BB/100

Spring Break Rush for 1K:
Left to go: 626

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