Sunday, March 19, 2006

Due to the fact that I have not been able to adequately kick the kleenex habit today, I will not be going to Empress tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Instead, I'll be playing in the WPBT bloggers-only WSOP satellite on Paradise Poker. Per Iggy:

WPBT WSOP Satellite Tournament
March 19th - Sunday
9pm EST
Paradise Poker
$30 NL
password: email Iggy

Winner wins a seat in the 2006 WSOP $1500 event of their choice.

(That there is Iggy's sign-up link, so show him some love and use his link! C'mon... it's cool... everybody's doing it... even me...)

While killing time, I'm sitting at a .50/1.00 limit hold'em table. I only bought in to the site for $50, because I really don't want more money spread elsewhere. I like to play amongst my couple of favorite sites and that's about it. The $20 I started with on this table is up to $35, though, and that is nice.

Some things I like about Paradise Poker:

  • The total amount of the pot (including bets on the table) is shown at the top of the screen, updated as players add money to the pot.
  • The fold button appears right where the fold checkbox is in the action area, so you don't accidentally end up calling a bet when you intended to fold when the software acts faster than your hand-eye coordination.
Some things I don't like about Paradise Poker:
  • Seems slower than other sites I play at (FTP, Stars).
  • Too much verbage in the action area. What's with all of the "in turn" written all over the place? Of course it'll be in turn - I've never seen software that gives me the option to act out of turn.
  • Un-innovative compared to other sites. No avatars or graphics for players. No ability to change your table view.
  • No way to auto-save hand histories to your hard drive (making use of Poker Tracker a pain compared to other sites).
I just coughed up a pot after flopping a set of two's when I smooth called to the river but gave my primary opponent the chance to catch his runner-runner flush. I doubt he was going anywhere anyway with top pair, K kicker, but... Bah. Down to $30.

47 minutes and counting... Go sign up for the blogger tourney if you haven't already!


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