Thursday, March 09, 2006


With regards to online play of the wonderful game of limit hold'em:

At what limit does the average number of donkeys per table drop below 5?


  • The table is 9-handed.
  • A "donkey" is a player with a VP$IP of over 55%, and can come in any of the typical subflavors: calling station donkey, loose/passive donkey, or loose/aggressive donkey. See also: "any ace, face, or offsuit connector"
I'm just curious. I've only played as high as $3/6 online, and while that is true donkey poker in a casino, it's "a few limits up" in the online cardroom.

Your thoughts?


How many bad players do you want at your table?

It's my thought that you want some bad players at your table, so that you can make money off of non-immortal-nut hands when the donkeys call you down with even worse hands. However, at what point are there so many bad players that the bad luck factor exceeds the potential profit (ie. the chance of getting sucked out on when hands make it to multiway pots that theoretically should have been folded)? Where do you draw that line?

I'm in the mood for quantification today.


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  1. Wes said...
    The highest I have ever played was/is 5/10 online. I would say that at 3/6 the donkey limit goes down to about 4/table then 5/10 goes down to the 2-3/table range.

    On how many bad player's I want at a given table. I would say that if I could get all other table mates to be loose/passive players, I would gladly take the opportunity. But, if the donkeys are super loose/aggressive, I would say the max I want at a table is two.
    Tony said...
    Agreed with Wes, but with a caveat--I've played up to 15/30 online, and it seems as though the 15/30 limit brings out donks a lot more than you expect, particularly on Stars. My theory is that on Stars (at least) the games go from 5/10 to 10/20 to 15/30 to 30/60--a huge leap. Players with the roll for 30/60 who decide to play down play like we do at 1/2. Also, a lot of players who can't find a 30/60 game of their liking play 15/30 or even 10/20 with a roll for 30/60.

    Live, another story altogether.

    I'm happy with two, or at most three asshats at my table. Any more and your EV just drops like a rock (see AA vs. random hands idea--the more random hands your powerhouse is up against, the more likely that someone else will catch up).

    And by the way, off topic, I assume you saw our boys Forsberg and Gagne come through last night in the shootout against the Hurricanes...
    Unknown said...
    I've seen horrible play all the way to the top at Stars for limit O8.

    But there's probably some meta game going out that I'm not smart enough to figure out yet.

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