Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm next!

Cmon, someone leave! I'm next!

A guy that checked in AFTER me (though we both were on the board for the same time) just got seated before me, which kinda sucks, but we were chatting poker a bit over the past 3 hours and I fully expect to be holding a sizable chunk of his chips an hour from now.

The any-ace regular is still at the table, as is one of the sharky regulars. There's your usual "I'll pay ya off cuz I like you" guy, and a WPT champ with the hellmuthian shades.

If all remains as is, I'll be the only girl in the room. That's generally the way I like it.

The Bangles are on the radio. Hazy shade of winter. It certainly is.

Damn I just got all excited. They called a name... For 10/20, booo! Hehe

I am ready to rumble! My ass is going to appreciate getting off this wooden bench. My brain is going to appreciate something slightly more challenging than playing Brick Breaker on my Blackberry. My thumbs are going to appreciate not typing on this thing anymore!

I do <3 my Blackberry. Most certainly.

C'mon, chant with me: Give Shelly a seat! Give Shelly a seat! Throw me some mojo!

You guys rule. :)


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