Friday, March 02, 2007

I hit up Empress today, hoping to continue the string of good vibes I was on from last night. Things started out well, and I was up $100 quickly. Then, I ran into the worst player at the table... again and again and again.

AQo. I hit the flop with TPTK. I turn trip Queens. I lose to Scooby's runner-runner flush, which he chased from the flop with no pair and only the backdoor draw with 2-3 of hearts.

ATs. I hit the flop with top pair, tens. I lose to Scooby on the river when he hits his 2nd pair with the T5 soooooted.

Another ATs. I hit the flop with top two pair, aces and tens. I lose when the board comes 3-4-5, and of course Scooby's K2 makes the straight. I mean, seriously? What are you chasing on a flop of A-3-10 when all you have is a backdoor straight draw? There's not even an overcard to hope for.

The guy was an absolute moron. By the time the afternoon ended, he had bought in for $1,100 at 5/10 limit. Unfortunately for me, he also moved a hell of a lot of my chips around the table as well.

I rarely went to showdown with less than two pair, and I just got picked off left and right. The Scoobys were biting back today.

I did get an opportunity to hang out a little bit with my friend Tilty McTilt. I haven't seen her in a while. It seems, though, that my reformed version of tilt (reformed from the Shellmuth days) is at least predictable. The primary symptom of my reformed tilt is that my starting hand selection opens up to include suited one-gappers ranging from 4-6 to 8-T. I don't know why, but that's me on tilt. Lots of limping with one-gappers.

I saw a ridiculous number of one-gappers late in the day today.

Needless to say, yesterday's profits are now just a frivolous memory, and my wounded pride will limp through the weekend pondering my fate.

I could really use a weekend in Vegas right about now.


  1. osinsh said...
    Tell me about it... Sometimes it's become redicilous. And then your friend visits me, too. Good she's not sexy.
    gert said...
    I think this is an excellent reason for people (like you and me) to stop fearing the big stacks... and to stop bullying the small stacks. It was quite useful reading, found some good/nice stuff in here. Thanks!
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    jusdealem said...
    Those types of players are so frustrating. And believe me I've seen my fair share of them! I will usually just walk away, tomorrow is another day and there's no need to stay when I know I'll just end up Very Angry!! LOL Good luck on your next trip. :)

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