Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Boat Attack

What a bizarre 45 minutes of poker it has been. I am logging off. Scared shitless.

Every hand I've lost in the last 45 minutes has been to a full house. Three of those hands included ME holding Pocket Queens - AND flopping 3 of a kind Q's.

The starting hands of my opponents who hit their boats against me (most to preflop raises, as I haven't played too many marginal hands): J9s, A2o, 45s, 52o (not in the blinds - that's my favorite), and K4o.

Maybe I should have suspected the boats on the hands where the board paired, but I just couldn't put someone on any one of those starting hands for a preflop raise. The only one of those hands that was played for a limped pot preflop was the A2o, which I suppose is a limpable hand for many fishes.

I'm simply dumbfounded. What are the odds? Not only are the numerous full houses odd, but - me flopping a set with Queens THREE times in not much more than a half hour. AND losing all 3 hands.

Is there a full moon or something tonight?

Time to go clean the basement and get far far away from the poker machine.


  1. April said...
    On-line poker is so rigged!

    Shelly said...
    LOL! Totally!
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