Saturday, July 23, 2005

iTunes Etc

I am sickly obsessed with my Blackberry and my iPod. This could be dangerous.

Full Tilt kicked my ass for about half an hour tonight while I two-tabled a couple $.50/1.00 limit ring games. -$20. I had spectacular hands preflop - Queens twice, Kings once, Aces once, and Ten's - get this - FOUR times! It might have been 40 minutes - but no longer than that... the only one that held up was one set of Ten's which put a 4-card straight onboard that my lowly 10 completed. Beats beats beats. So I skipped town and headed over to Poker Stars, since I had $30 over there leftover from depositing for the Charlie tournament. Sat in two 6-handed NL $13 SnG's. Busted early in the first, and hung in there for the second. Super long SnG. Played 3-handed for ages. Then I took two severe beats and ended up having to push with 2.5BB in front of me with pocket 3's. I lost.

But, while playing on Stars, I hit up iTunes to load up the iPod for this weekend's trip. Holy crap. It is so easy to spend money on there. I dropped $60 without blinking an eye (and the reason there was no eye blinking is because I wasn't keeping track as I went along, and the iTunes store deceptively doesn't show you any kind of running total of your purchases....)

But - I have to say, I got 5 full albums and 10 random songs for a total of 82 songs for my $60 bucks. There aren't too many places I could buy that much music on CD for that little bit of money. Ironically (and this wasn't planned), all of my tunes are from female artists. I picked up some Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Fiona Apple, and... oh man I loved this band - Belly! Remember "Feed the Tree?" Yeah. Them. In fact, I'm jamming to "Slow Dog" right now. And singing along. He's shot ah ah ah ah ah ah, he's shot again...

This weekend is going to kick ass. There is a possibility that Randy and I might get up at the crack of dawn (well, figuratively - that's like 9am for us) and head up to Potawatomi for some poker before checking into the hotel and then heading to the first Dave Matthews Band show. And the whirlpool tub in the suite... yes, we will live the good life for 2 days, and I can splash around singing "Feed the Tree." Good times.

I'm bringing my laptop, and the hotel has broadband net access in the room, so if there are any poker tales to tell (and I find the inspiration or energy to tell them), I'll do so... otherwise, have a great weekend, everybody, and I'll see ya's on Tuesday!

"Low, red moon.... how can you sleep like baby when you shine so different of another?"


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