Monday, July 04, 2005


Full Tilt smoked me today. Limit cash game - my AQs hits trips on a flop of AA9. Bet it all the way and lost to the boat whose owner held A9. KK again hits a set on a flop of AKx - only to lose to a limper with pocket Aces, who also flopped a set. Fell into a flush-over-flush that I couldn't get away from, and lost a chunk of change drawing to an OESD with 6 people in the pot. Odds make me mad when I don't hit for the monster pots. LOL

So, that spells an easy way to blow twenty bucks. But, I spent the time listening to a few of Phil Gordon's podcasts, which is always entertaining. I'm hoping to play some poker this afternoon at the family gathering - maybe, maybe not. I'm heading over to my cousin's house for a BBQ, then tonight is the big fireworks event in town. Randy will meet up with me after work and we'll go watch the show. They're opening a new performing arts center, so the fireworks will be accompanied by a concert by the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra. And, there's free ice cream! Woohoo! (I love ice cream).

Out in the blogsphere, Joe Speaker wins the Quote of the Week award with this gem:

I must say if my penis was an iPod, I'd masturbate more.

I might have laughed for 5 minutes straight. Many thanks for that, Joe! I'm extremely tempted to buy an iPod this week. They've just released the new ones with the color screens. Originally I had planned to get a mini, but for just a little bit more money you can go from 6GB to 20GB *and* get the color screen. That seems significant to me. I'm still debating, but I've wanted an iPod forever now, and it would make such a nice complement to my Summer of Geek Toys with my new Blackberry (which I love most dearly).

Here's a Blackberry story of sickness for ya: so I loaded a game called "Aces No Limit Hold'em" onto the Blackberry. It's a 6-handed NL tournament-style game against the computer players. You can set the players to any one of 5 different intelligence levels. I find myself playing this silly poker game on my Blackberry now every night when I go to bed. Why not just take the laptop to bed with me and play REAL poker? Well, you know, the Blackberry is tiny and easy to lay in bed playing... the other night I won the tourney against fake computer players with the Hammer. If I wasn't in bed, I'd have taken a snapshot of the final screen to post. I can't believe I have the ability to get so competitive against artificial intelligence. It strikes me as a bit sick.

Welp... time to go shower and get going to the party. Happy 4th of July, everybody!


  1. BG said...
    Buy the iPod, and buy the next bigger size to what you might think you'll really want. I bought the mini, and am already (after four months) thinking of upgrading. Thought behind that is I just bought a 6 disc CD box set, want the whole thing on there, but don't have anything realistically to cut out at this point. Wish I had the 20GB model now to be sure.

    Also, essential additions are the car charger and an FM modulator, unless you have inputs on your car stereo already. And I agree with you that Joe's line was hilarious (and sadly agree with Joe 100% too).
    Mr Reed said...
    "is tiny and easy to lay in bed playing..."

    The story of my life :-)

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