Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I've been messing around with a new template design for ol' Hella here. I had a totally different one worked up, and just couldn't get the color scheme to my liking. Here's my most recent re-incarnation. Feedback welcomed - I just can't seem to cut the cords of my safe pre-made blogger.com template and run free with my own!! I'm a programmer by nature and by no means a designer - thus my lack of confidence in the new design. Anyway, have a look - let me know what ya think. Suggestions welcome!

Hella revamp - large

I did find the guts to redo my geek blog site - based on a template I'd found elsewhere, so it's not completely my own: http://GeekGoesMeow.blogspot.com.


  1. High Plains Drifter said...
    What's wrong with the color scheme? It looks fine to me. Then again, I'm pleased with myself when my socks match.

    And I really like the four suits in the upper right hand corner.
    April said...
    I like it. Different is good.
    Pauly said...
    I like it. It'll set you apart from everyone else who uses the same template!

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