Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Errr I mean, freerollin'....

Thanks to Pauly for hosting the freeroll over at Noble Poker. Much fun was had by all, even though I finished 26h and out of the money... or was it 27th? One of the two. Unfortunately, I really don't like Noble's software at all. It's almost painful.

Sat down in a $20 SnG tonight. Had a monstrous chip lead with 5 people left, and managed to royally eff it all up by making a dumb semi-bluff play with an open ended straight draw. I was getting called down, and felt the need to keep betting BIGGER. Hello? McFly? It's the poker ego thing. On my bad days, I just can't swallow my pride and lay the hand down. It's like - I'm going to win the pot BECAUSE I'm throwing chips at it, against all logic that says I'm beat. It's embarrassing, really. I notice that it tends to happen when I'm off my game. Like tonight, I have an awful headache. I should really learn not to play under sub-optimal conditions. That would probably lead to many fewer dufus plays on my part. It's definitely a leak of mine. I ended up going out 5th in that SnG. I'm having an awful streak with them lately. Of course, yesterday's two don't count because of effing Comcast. Bastards.

On the upside, though, I was up $6 on my 25NL ring game LOL! So it wasn't a total loss.

I found out tonight that my brother Eric signed up for Full Tilt. SWEET! Slowly, one by one, the minions are following.... I just love the heck outta FTP. The software is great, and the games are generally beatable without the brutality of the oober-fishy-suckouts. I mean, they happen, but with shockingly less frequency than I find over at Party Poker. And did I mention that the software just rules? When they finally get hand histories, they will be perfect.

So, welcome, Eric, to FTP! I'll keep his screen name private for now.... :)

Oh, man, this head of mine is killing me. At least it's not so huge that a couple ibuprofen can't fix it. G'nite all....


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