Sunday, May 15, 2005

Home in Time

I'm home in time from graduation for THIS:

WPBT WSOP Satellite - the last one!!!
Poker Stars
$30+3 NL
TONIGHT - May 15th
8PM Central Time (9PM Eastern)
Password: tequila

Open to bloggers AND readers.

45 people registered as I type this - one WSOP $1500 seat per 50 entrants. C'mon, people! Where are ya??

Last night I was able to get on Full Tilt for a bit, and in my hour or so of playing from the hotel room down by U of I (where I graduated from - I live a couple hours north of there) I was able to wipe out my losses of the last few days.

With my brother Eric looking over my shoulder, I had the most fun final hand in a SnG I've ever had (fun for ME, anyway). Probably the funnest hand I've ever had in a tourney, period. To preface: I had about a 3:2 chip lead on my opponent. Eric has never played poker online (though he plays at our home games), and was encouraging me to "take that guy down! Just go all in!" I told him, "Be patient, young grasshopper. I just have to wait until he has a decent hand, but I've got a better one. Then we go in for the kill...."

Little did I know....

The hand: I had 10-5 offsuit on the button. Called the blind, and my opponent min-raised. VERY rarely were the blinds raised heads-up, though we were only a few minutes into it. I called the raise, and the flop came: 10-10-10. Wait a minute... there are only 4 ten's in the deck, right? Jeeebus! Now, I know my new rule is NEVER slowplay, but...

To make a fun story short, my opponent had pocket 6's for the flopped boat, and on the turn he had gotten himself all in, which I of course called. My four-of-a-kind ten's won the hand and the match.

To my opponent's credit, he was very gracious about the hand - not much you can do when a flopped boat hits a brick wall 4oak. Actually, I wish I could remember the names of the last two guys in the game - it was an EXCELLENT match. Challenging - which equals FUN in my book. It was a $20+2 SnG. So - if you played a $20+2 SnG with me on FTP last night (Saturday) around 10pm central time or so.... damn good game, guys.

[Update: 47 people now registered for the WPBT game. Do it, do it NOW! These points DO count towards the WPBT leaderboard!]


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