Monday, May 09, 2005

Wow - Full Tilt is none too happy that I was moonlighting with Noble Poker, as it spanked my ass like a monkey tonight! Holy crap. No bad beats, no bad suckouts - my opponents didn't even play poorly! It was just me running into hands that one-upped me all night. JJ runs into QQ, AJ runs into AQ, trip 7's run into trip 8's - it was literally just ONE card higher or one hand higher each time.

The damage did me for a buy-in on both the $50NL and $25NL tables I was on, and snagged another $20 off of my other $50NL table. Owie! Thank goodness FTP has been good to me this month.

One near-buy-in was my own fault for choosing to make a move and it being a poor one. I had an overpair of nines in the pocket on a raggedy board that happened to contain a pair of eights. I was against one of those any-ace-or-face types, and I put him all in on the river, betting against him holding an eight. Unfortunately, he held K8 offsuit. So, bad play on my part. It should have made perfect sense that he held A8 or K8 or Q8 or J8 - all of those were reasonable compared to the hand history I'd noted on him.

Sometimes, I just believe so truly that I deserve to win a particular pot. Those nines - I'd played them strongly, the board cooperated with low cards, and damn it - I wanted that pot! Where has my zen gone, you ask? Out the window on that hand - you just can't win at poker by brute force. Not consistantly, anyway.

I've got some sweet talking to do with FTP, I think! :)

In other news... since I can't play in Wednesday night's WPBT WSOP satellite on Noble, I'm sending Randy in to play for me. There were only 25 or so people signed up when I registered today - come on, peeps! Go sign up!

Well, exhaustion is upon me. To sleep I go...

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  1. Easycure said...
    I'll be there....just got to get my money at that site.....see you then.

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